Things you should say every day

9 January, 2008

Things you should always say #1

I am drawing so much I think I’m going to wear my arms out. I’m a bit chuffed because “Things you should never say #1” was picked to go on the feature page on Red Bubble. I swear that little community is inflating my ego.

Apparently some people are having trouble commenting. I’m so sorry!! Can I ask a huge favour? Can I get all 3 of you reading my blog to try and comment on this post? Cheers!

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  • polianarchy

    okeh, this is a test. is this thing on? PS: i <3 your art.

  • polianarchy

    note to self: the less than symbol doesn’t work here. but yeah, i heart your art.

    and yay, the comments work!

  • Nick

    Testing Testing, One Two three.

  • Lainy


  • Elle

    I happened upon your site last month while looking for henna patterns … not sure what my click track was exactly, but I am glad I found you! I love your voice, your work, and your design aesthetic. Keep up the great work!

  • I’m still trying to tweak things on the blog, but half the time I don’t know what I’m doing!!

    I heart YOU!

  • Thanks Elle, what a compliment!!

  • lilacpoohlover

    There’s got to be more than three of us reading your blog. I mean, I have it bookmarked at home and at work! Gah!! I’m just gonna have to post a link on all my profiles.