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27 April, 2008

Brain Cakes!

I am not a cook, and usually I’m not even remotely interested in baking but on the odd occasion I will cook cupcakes for people that I adore. My friend had her birthday party last night and so I decided to make these braincakes for her to celebrate our love of the undead! I was pretty proud of the outcome, but professional cake makers will probably baulk!

My braincakes consist of:
Cupcake – based on the vanilla cupcake recipe from the Crababble Bakery Cupcake Cookbook
Intestine icing – white chocolate with lots of red food colouring
Brains and blood – marzipan and strawberry ice cream topping

I just had one then and it was pretty delicious, though I couldn’t eat all the marzipan brain :(
Everyone seemed to love them last night, though I couldn’t bring myself to eat one after baking them all afternoon!

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  • I declare that the above cupcakes were made with love and awesome. And tasted very very awesome.

    Awesome – my word for the week it seems.

  • And they were lovingly drizzled with strawberry flavoured awesomesauce!