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Free Vector Shapes – Starbursts!

31 May, 2008

Omgosh, free vector shapes are back from the dead! I’ve created some sunburst/ star shapes for you guys to mix ‘n match, layer, texturise, etc etc etc. Go crazy! And when you’re done, show me :D

Download CS3 .ai file – Vector Starbursts

Download .svg file – Vector Starbursts

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  • I am so lucky to have such gorgeous and talented friends! This photo is by Kate O’Brien and my friend Jilly is also the model! I get really excited about some of the stuff that is coming out of Brisbane, but disappointed when there isn’t very much air

  • forkboyclothing

    here is what i’ve done with your starburst, woo hoo!

  • Jane

    Thank you! Awesome!

  • Thanks, just used it for something I'm messing around with. You Rock!

  • Carl Muecke

    Hello Fancy Lady…I keep trying to load what are vector images, but when downloaded they are eps or pdf files. I have a Mac, so that may be the problem…can you tell me what's going on? Thanks, Carl

  • Carl Muecke

    I'm on Facebook as Carlos Muecke…thanks! Carl

  • Ahh, these just saved me on a project I am doing. Thank you!!

  • Suain

    Thanks for that! Great!

  • Fattist

    Lose weight please

  • Great resources. I just googled and this popped up. Thanks.

  • Sean

    Thanks Great Stuff!

  • Thank you! I just got over some illness and was in the hospital. People were kind to me (family and such) and now I am making some thank-you cards. I am going to use one of your our fab starbursts in em.

    Thanks a million!
    Now I am off to colourlovers to make a palette to match the colors I have in my head!

  • You rock! Cheers!

  • Awesome Thanks

  • Thanks for the files…saved me a good amount of time on a project!

  • Look at all those thank yous, Natalie. They are a pain to make, so nice to see lots of people sharing their appreciation for the share. I’m using them too.

  • Holly Hall

    Thanks a million!