Brisbane nocleanfeed rally

13 December, 2008

Today Nick and I went to the nocleanfeed rally in Brisbane because we feel very strongly about censorship and “The Great Firewall of Australia”. Our one year old government (that we voted for!) is proposing to limit our access to information online in a vain attempt to put a stop to paedophilia. This plan will fail on several levels, but will most importantly fail to stop child pornography and paedophilia and push that kind of activity further underground. It will slow internet speeds and potentially restrict access to support sites for health issues and other completely child porn free topics as well.

Brisbane nocleanfeed rally
Here I am with my friend Janey and Sam the photo impostor! The other photos I took of the Brisbane nocleanfeed rally are in this flickr set!

Brisbane nocleanfeed rally from Natalie Perkins on Vimeo.
I also managed to cobble together a video out of the little snippets that I captured during the rally. You should watch it – “you’d be good at it”, as Janey says all the time.

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  • Oh good golly, that photo!

  • We kind of look like your marionette puppets!

  • Louisa Connors

    Hi Natalie – I love your drawings. I first stumbled across them when I was searching for information about print goccos. I want to buy one for my sister for Christmas but notice that you say supplies are hard to come by. Is the NEHOC site a bit pricey or have they said something about discontinuing stock? I’d be really grateful if you could let me know. The NEHOC site is so confusing! Louisa

  • Thanks Louisa, the NEHOC site is really confusing for me and they have increased the price of gocco stuff. I think it reflects just how rare they’re becoming :(