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17 January, 2009

The office, deloused.

I organised my room today after getting the bookcase mum lovingly donated! I present to you a shoddy panorama, stitched in all of about 2 seconds. You get the idea. You can do the creepy thing and view it big if you go to the flickr page and hit “All sizes”.

We rent so everything is basically ugly and the owner seems to want to keep it ugly despite our offers of assistance. :(

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  • Lee

    You are so organised!

    I’ve got to set up my workspace as I’ve been balancing stuff on a clip board in front of the TV out of habit when I had no space!

    Maybe tonight will be the night I organise myself :)

  • I’m not really organised by nature, but I find if I sort things into boxes it helps me. Until I have a huge flurry of inspiration and destroy all the organisation I have organised :P

  • I just found your blog and I love it! Your doodles and illustrations are fantastic! RM :)

  • Hey Natalie,

    Hope you’re well. I recently came across your work, and would like to discuss with you the possiblity of you showing with us at KILN gallery. If your interested, please send me an email and I can forward the details.



  • Those pieces on left wall of the room are hot! More of your fabulous work, or another artist?

  • Thank you, yes they are mine! The one on the far left was an experiment that I might just white wash over, and the naked girl is something I painted for my husband.

  • Jerrold Mobley

    You painted a naked girl for your husband? How cool are you! LOL Seriously, I love the piece. Take care!

  • Yah, why not!