It’s nice to work together

3 June, 2009

Auf Liebe Eingestellt

Kirsten Becken approached me a few weeks ago and asked if I’d like to doodle all over her photographs. Upon seeing her impressive portfolio, and the bunches of delicious white space available for me to draw on, I took her up on her offer with much enthusiasm!

Did I fall asleep?

The artists I know often work autonomously, and I can speak from my own experience when I say that it can get lonely. It’s nice working with other people on collaborative projects; I think artists should work together more often!

This Saturday is Drawing Day, and I was hoping to host a collaborative drawing project but I think I’m going to be out all day, which I’m really bummed by. So some of you guys should do it! Pass around a piece of paper amongst friends or family, and have everyone doodle on it. If you want to work digitally, pass around a Jpeg for artists around the world to work on! (And if you want to include me, just let me know ahead of Saturday so I know what I’ve gotten myself into!)

I really believe everyone can draw, and I think Drawing Day is a great thing to participate in, because it has the potential to help you unlock another avenue for expressing yourself and your creativity. If you say “wah wah I can’t draw” I will break your feet all Misery style and force you to draw until you can walk again! (muahaha!)

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  • Wow. You’re so talented!

    I can draw, but definitely not as well as you. Stunning! x

  • wow, your doodles and her photographs look amazing together. I honestly love it

  • Thank you! Kirsten’s style is definitely conducive to my drawing style, I was lucky that she emailed me!

  • Thanks! Keep drawing!
    I feel like I have a long way to go before I am in the realm of someone like James Jean, hehehe :D

  • I have very randomly stumbled on your blog via google of all things.

    I never knew you were so talented. I love it I’m in absolute and utter awe!