YouTube videos that made me cry today

24 June, 2009

I am quite the choir nerd – This is Perpetuum Jazzile covering Toto’s Africa completely a cappella, even creating the rain and thunder from clicks, knee slaps and jumping on the stands. Amazing.

Yes, I’m gay. It amazes me when people reduce a gay person down to every stereotype they’ve ever heard because it somehow protects them from actually getting to know that person. This is a beautiful video, and I love everything these guys said.

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  • Oh Natalie, I am a choir nerd too! But… even odder… I have a massive crush on choir nerd boys. I want one. Anyone got one lying around somewhere I can have? It’s kinda difficult to meet choirboys if you aren’t a Catholic priest or um… well, in a choir. Hmmmm.

  • Tenor, bass or … BOY SOPRANO?!

    A friend sent me to this morning when I was whinging about wanting to join a non-sacred choir. I’m very interested!

  • The QUMS choir usually has some pretty good boys ;)

  • I loved the choir – I sang each year in middle and high school. So awesome!

    And the guys in the Because I’m Gay thing are fantastic! Way to kick stereotypes down!

  • Wow, that choir is amazing! :O

  • Bec

    I don’t like wearing dressing and/or high heels either!

    Also, Africa was fantastic!

  • bob

    i loved it amazing what people can do sometime