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Pose for the camera, baby – you’re a fox! Yeah!

2 July, 2009

Amazing fatshionista role models

I have been absolutely OVERWHELMED with responses to “How to love yourself in 8 really hard steps“, so I want to maintain some of the body image vibe in my blog from now on. In this post, I want to share one of my secrets to feeling confident and loving myself – and it’s just a simple matter of taking a photo of myself! I have been following flickr groups like wardrobe_remix, Fatshionista and No More Mumus for a while, and on the odd occasion (when I’ve remembered) I submit a photo. I really love to put my outfits together, and even though I don’t have any kind of budget for designer stuff, I still feel great about myself when I wear things I feel comfortable and awesome in. My main failing has been consistency – often I’m running late enough as it is to be bothered with pulling out my tripod, or trying to get Nick to take a photo of me where my head isn’t cut off!

I think photographing and documenting our outfits has so many benefits. I’m slowly learning to pose myself – something I’ve always had difficulty with. Usually I’m the girl who pulls a face in a photo! I think photographing your outfit can also help you to find peace with your body shape and how you look to everyone else. I take inspiration from other flickr outfit posters, especially from the plus size groups, and find myself becoming bolder because of the influence I take from people like tootsicle, 52 stations, Girlchile and pining for the moon. I’m also an avid reader of The Musings of a Fatshionista and Young, Fat and Fabulous – Christina and Gabi are amazing fashion role models for me, who take HUGE risks. I bought wet look tights the other day just because I heard Chris chanting “DO IT DO IT DO IT” in the back of my head.

Some of my ootds
So from now on, I’m going to make a concerted effort. My friend Sonya, of the No More Mumus blog, really inspires me because she consistently takes photos of her amazing outfits and posts them to flickr. I don’t go out a whole heap, but I’m pledging to myself that when I do dress up – I’m going to take a photo. Hell, if I’m going to the shops and I’ve pulled something together that makes me feel great, I’m going to take a photo of that too!

Some tips for taking photos of your outfits:

• Use a tripod if you have access to one.
• If you don’t have access to a tripod, use a human being who can take directions well.
• If you don’t have a tripod or a human being, find somewhere you can prop your camera at about eye height.
• If you have a remote, use it! Disguise it by putting it up your sleeve, or putting your hands on your hips.
• If you don’t have a remote (my new camera doesn’t!) use the 10 second timer.
• Turn your camera around so it’s of portrait orientation. We want to see your head and your feet!
• Try to put yourself in a place where the light is behind the camera, not you.
• If you take photos during the day, and you’re in a well lit area, don’t use the flash. If you can’t avoid the flash, that’s ok! Just ensure we can see the details, colours and textures in your outfit.
• Try not to have distracting things in the shot. I’m pretty guilty of this, so I’ll forgive you quicker than others :P
• Take photos from a few angles – front, side and back! And include detail shots of brooches or your shoes. I love outfit posters who do this!

I have been so busy lately, but I want to tell you about a few purchases I’ve made in the last few weeks – from We Love Colors, Yours Clothing and Evans. But I need to create a few outfits first to fully illustrate them – so hold tight, they’ll be coming soon!

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  • That second outfit with the red hair – ESPECIALLY the red hair – is HOT. stunning!

  • I’m trying! You are teaching and I am learning the fine art of taking a decent picture.

  • Oh don’t tempt me, I’m thinking about abandoning the blonde ship for red once again!

  • Your photography skills are much improved these days sir! I have photographic evidence of feet!

  • PS, you are definatalie a fox!

  • You look fantabulous!!!
    I have no idea what wet look tights really look like but you make me want to be fashionable too!

  • Since I’ve started posting my outfits, even if they are not so wonderful, I feel more confident and happy in my fat body.
    Then visiting some blogs like yours, makes me happy with my plus plus size because I can pick some ideas and try to arrange them to my style.
    You are gorgeous!!!

  • I personally think the red suits you more – better contrast! Then again I find it weird to say “X suits you more because it makes your skin fairer” or “You should wear Y because it makes you look thinner” – doesn’t that just buy into the whole body standards thing again? As though certain traits need to be ‘corrected’? *embraces her acne and belly*

  • Pennie

    This is my first comment to you. I found your blog about learning to love yourself while stumbling, and that was enough to get me to subscribe. I am not thin either… in fact, I’m fat. But I’m healthy. I tend to put myself down a lot because I’m big, and my husband isn’t. I just want to thank you for being who you are, and having the confidence that you do. You’re a beautiful woman, and you’re such an inspiration, that you don’t have the fear holding you back or holding you captive. Thank you.

  • It’s funny, Nick said he can see a world of different in me, between the red head photo and the rest… I was incredibly stressed and on the verge of a breakdown back then!! In a way, the red sort of reminds me of my office job and being so tightly wound I felt like I was going to implode.

    I still love red hair though. It’s probably on the cards… soon.

  • lily

    Would you consider reposting these photos so they are no longer “currently unavailable?” I’m terrible at taking photos and somewhat interested in this article…