Fanciful Friday: Floral Headpiece edition

11 September, 2009

This week I’ve been seeing some fantastical floral headpieces, so I wanted to spotlight the fanciful world of flowers-on-people’s-heads! You don’t need to be a bride to plop some flora on your noggin either – every day is an excuse to be fancy.

⇒ I wish I could tell you where this headpiece came from, or who the model and photographer are, but like a lot of posts on tumblr this was uncredited. Still, beautiful!

⇒ I adore Grandiflora‘s flowers-as-headwear! This is from a shoot in Vogue Australia.

⇒ This stunning photograph was taken by inverselive.

Sonya's birthday
⇒ My gorgeous friend Zoe sporting a floral headband by my other talented friend Kiki! She’s just opened up a store on under Elastic Wasteland. I’m waiting for Kiki to put up some of her headpieces so I can buy one!

⇒ Combining two of my favourite things: paper and flowers! Katsuya Kamo styled this headwear for Chanel’s Spring 2009 Couture Collection.

⇒ DIY some fancy: Grosgrain Fabulous graciously posted this tutorial on making felt poppies. I think you could easily turn these into an incredible headpiece. I’m going to attempt it in the next week!

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