Doodlin’ on faces and such

15 September, 2009

Phantom Paisley

Last year I was bored at my mother’s and decided to deface my British Vogue. It’s funny how sometimes you can pinpoint a change in momentum… I thought I was so clever to have created a paisley/ doodle mask that I moblogged the drawing (then later scanned it, above). Since that day I’ve been way into defacing/ doodling on magazines and photography… but I had to get really really bored in order to explore this facet of my creative practice!!

Earlier a friend sent me a message on twitter with a link to a gallery on Trendhunter showcasing illustrator Nina Chakrabarti’s doodling on the faces of models for I Want You magazine. Ahah! A trend you say?!?! I seem to have this weird knack for spotting trends, but I never do anything about it. So I figure I’ll just document this little occurrence here in my blog, so that Australian Vogue or frankie magazine spot my various doodly talents and hire me to deface their models and fashion editorials ;)

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  • Ash

    Oh my, paisleyface. Sounds like an awesome name for a band, and a quick Google confirms it actually is.

  • shell

    Yours are far more awesome though

  • Is it juvenile that I laughed at the title of this post?

  • Every time I say “doodle” I giggle!

  • I just found your blog, and I’m really happy I did! Your work is *AWESOME*

  • The face thing is something that never even occurred to me even though I’m around people who do face tattoos. This is cool – it’s inspiring some new ideas for me in the realm of painting my own face!