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Happy birthday Amanda

30 September, 2009

Have a fancy day

Today is my sister’s birthday! I made her a head piece out of a remnant of sky blue satin and drew her this card. Sometimes I think it’d be a lot easier if I just bought presents from the shops!

Happy birthday Manda.

Daww, Stanley!

Annnnd I wanted to leave a photo of her dog, Stanley. He is adorable but such a troublemaker!

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  • vivzilla


    Also, happy birthday Amanda. What a great person.

  • He is very cute but can be very naughty!

  • vivzilla

    But I never have to see the naughtiness, only the cuteness.

  • Moe

    OMG Stanley is precious. He looks so soft and cuddly. Definitely a face I would nuzzle.

  • naBoo

    I loved the card, so beautiful.
    Lol, all the adorable ones are troublemakers! so cute!!!