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Anyone for brains?

26 October, 2009

Sunday was Z-day: the day of the undead, The Brisbane Zombie Walk. If you were in the CBD you may have seen the shuffling gait of the rotting hoards raising money (and the deceased) for the Brain Foundation. The day was organised by the lovely Cara, and I would have gone had I not been feeling rather undead and bed stricken :(

Instead, I leave you with these fantastic photos taken by Nic Suzor!


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  • The librarian zombie looks amazing!

  • lillipilli1978


  • Tash

    Hey hey did you see nicsuzor's photo of me?!

  • No I didn't! I looked through again but couldn't spot you in any of the thumbnails… your makeup must have been awesome!!!

  • She is my favourite :D

  • Tracca

    Some of these photos are from Thrill the World (the 1st and 3rd photos definitely — the 3rd one is of my mum!). Such a zombie-tacular fantastic day! Thrill the World in the morning (for Camp Quality) and Zombie Walk in the afternoon (for the Brain Foundation).