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How to get ready in 10 minutes

3 November, 2009

The other day when I was getting ready to go out I thought I’d record my ritual. This is my “bare minimum” face for being presentable outside my house and I’ve done it since I was in my teens. I have acne that is impervious to over the counter treatments (believe me, I’ve wasted so much money!) so make up has always been my mask. I feel very self conscious if I am without foundation and in a way, it is quite limiting having this anxiety about showing my real face. I guess this video is about unveiling my mask and my ritual, more than anything.

The song “Marie-Claire” is by Elfes, and the lyrics are in French but when I passed them through Google Translate (I hope that link works!) they spoke about body image anxiety – so I thought it was rather appropriate!

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  • Squee! You are such one glamorous lady. For some reason I love watching these videos – like that video that someone posted on Axis the other day of a woman doing her hair up like Rosie the Riveter. I think I probably love them so much because I'm so UNglamorous – CAN'T do make up, CAN'T do my hair properly. Looking good ;)

  • So beautiful. Beautiful song, too.
    And lip-gloss with lipstick, I had no idea :D

  • 1Sonya1

    Um, hello adorable. I am jealous of the eyeliner. I need to practice much more. :(

  • I think I just spent a huge amount of time as a young lady playing with hair and make up, it's all just practice!!

  • I find most lipsticks to be really drying so at the very least I wack on some Burt's Bees! If I want really glossy lips I'll put a tacky shiny gloss underneath and then put lippie on!

  • I've seen people apply eyeliner one handed! I can't do that at all. I was struggling to put it on here because when you record from your cam in iMovie it flips the image!!

  • bazbrush

    What foundation are you using? It looks like its got great coverage, does it last all day? (you're gorgeous!)

  • kerrih

    Natalie you are so gorgeous!! I wish that I had lovely full lips like you do :) But thanks for the awesome video – I definitely got a few tips out of that… Well done on promoting a positive body image girl! I love your artwork as well!!! :)

  • Jo

    Loving yr style with each passing day, Natalie – looking fly! Particularly envious of your hair, especially the new joyous shaved bit, which I've been considering myself… not sure if I'm brave enough, though!

  • gorgeous!
    I shall use the “when in doubt, Tease” to heart- i feel i have very flat hair!

  • artsykelly

    Loved, loved, loved this. I too suffer from chronic acne (and worked as a professional skin care consultant and makeup artist for years) and the most expensive treatments have all failed me. I'm srsly curious about your makeup! That's some fantastic foundation coverage!

  • It's just Revlon's ColorStay – I've used it since I was a teenager! Nothing really beats it in that price range for coverage and endurance :P

    I also love Pola's Southern Call powder foundation, it's incredible but veryyyy exxy!!

  • @kcdc

    Natalie this is gorgeous! You are beautiful and amazing xo