Help me pick three to submit to Curvy!

9 December, 2009

Curvy publishes a book of over 100 female artists, graphic designers and illustrators every year, and each year I am completely intimidated by it. Earlier this year I submitted work for the first time and was pretty dejected when it wasn’t accepted… I guess I am pretty bad at dealing with rejection :P

Not good enough
So I drew this, haha.

Once again, I will throw myself to the lions, errr selection panel, but I’m having a tiny crisis about what I should submit for consideration for next year’s book. I know that lots of people really like my typographic pieces but there are some other more illustrative pieces that I am fond of too. So, if you could choose three, which would you choose?

La donna mascherata
La Donna Mascherata

A line is all I need
A line is all I need

Neatly Daily
Neatly Daily

Have a fancy day
Have a fancy day

Red Ribbons
Red Ribbons

The Sky Is Falling
The Sky is Falling

Everything's okay
Everything’s okay, I drew this for you

Please, please help me out!

ALSO! I have updated my portfolio site, if you want to see more work! I am stupidly proud of it, and will continue to be until I think of a better way to display it :P

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  • La Donna Mascherata
    Red Ribbons
    Everything’s okay, I drew this for you

  • mem

    I vote La Donna, Fancy Day and Everything's Okay.

  • my fav is Red Ribbons

  • leesawatego

    I really like Neatly Daily…. I have a mess of hair that I've learned to love since turning 40. All beautiful work though. Best of luck. Leesa

  • andrea

    La Donna Mascherata, Red Ribbons, I Drew This For You

    Good luck!

  • My vote goes for:
    Red Ribbons, Neatly Daily and I drew this for you.

    Good luck- your work is beautiful!

  • Neatly Daily, Red Ribbons and La Donna Mascherata.

  • Tiffany

    LDM, Red Ribbons, and Neatly Daily. I always love your ladies!

  • mammothluv

    Everything’s okay, I drew this for you
    Neatly Daily
    La Donna Mascherata

  • La Donna Mascherata
    Neatly Daily
    Everything's okay, I drew this for you

  • La Donna! I still want a print of that.

    Neatly Daily

    Everything's ok, I drew this for you

  • Angie

    LaDonna, A Line Is All I Need, and Red Ribbons

  • Neatly Daily
    Red Ribbons
    A Line is all I need

  • Mitzy

    For Curvy, I think La Donna, although Have a Fancy Day just makes me think of you! Good luck next time.

  • zmajeva

    Those three with a girls. Lovely!

  • Becstar

    1. Everything’s okay, I drew this for you
    2. A line is all I need

    I think your work is fabulous when you doodle over photographs. I am surprised you didn't get into Curvy last year as your work is completely on par with what is in there – and better than some… Good luck.

  • anomalous_allure

    neatly daily and red ribbons are my two favourite, but i really can't pick a third.

  • miss mellie

    La Donna
    A Line is all i Need
    Everything is OK

  • Ohhh, choices!! I've always loved “Everything's okay, I drew this for you.” Definately that one.

    And….. “Red Ribbons” and “Neatly Daily”

    [Really, I think you should send “Not good enough for Curvy” – and shove it in their face for their poor decision making last year!]

  • Katie

    Neatly Daily and Red Ribbons are my favorites by far. I mean, not to say that I don't love the rest, because I do, but they are just so aesthetically and emotionally appealing to me.

  • renee anne

    the first one, the third one, and then one of the type ones.

    MAYBE just submit the first image ;)

    gosh!! I totally forgot about submitted. I submitted a few years ago, but I probably should try again… hmmmmm.

  • Jo

    La Donna
    A Line is All I Need
    Red Ribbons

    Very best of luck!

  • KMT

    Neatly Daily
    Red Ribbons
    Everything’s okay, I drew this for you

    Good luck!!! :)

  • Good lady, your work is decidedly amazing. I would most certainly recommend including 'Every thing is OK' as it's been all over the internet in the past little while, reblogged and reloved for months and months. I also love La Donna Mascherata, perhaps mostly for her pretty ornamental hair.
    A Line is All I Need also has some lovely sentiments.
    Best of luck, hopefully this is your year!