Florals for a drizzly day

4 March, 2010

Family stuff

Yesterday was a big day. I set off early to visit my grandmother down the coast with my sisters, but we had to come back shortly after lunch because one of my uncles is very sick in hospital with pancreatic and liver cancer and it’s not looking good. It was a pretty sad day, and the rainy weather matched my mood perfectly.

Tshirt –
Dress – City Chic
Shoes – Crocs (don’t hate)
Umbrella – no idea, but I’ve had it for years!
Brooch – Babushka’s, Melbourne
Bag – Dangerfield

I’m sending out much love and support to my uncle, aunty and cousin at this sad time. I’m sending out much anger to pancreatic cancer and how poorly funded and supported it is.

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  • you look beautiful and i wish you and your family the best during this tough time.

  • Leonie

    Very cute! Love the brolly + meh to the Croc-haters… I love my mary-janes!

  • the brolly is awesome!!! :D