Pls sir, I want some moiré

20 April, 2010

An art exhibition opening on a Sunday? Goodness, my brain just divided by zero! I wore what I’d usually wear to a night time event, something a bit crazy and fance. The Departure exhibition was at a council gallery just out of Brisbane, and I think that’s why the event was held at such an unusual time, but I wasn’t going to let the venue or the time stop me from over dressing. I love over dressing!

Dress: Yours Clothing
Tights: Asos Curve
Shoes: Evans
Necklace: Gift
Sunglasses: Giant Vintage
Bag: Dangerfield

I’m on now too! Woo, gonna bring my awkward poses and make all those fay-like hipsters weep. And then we’ll eat dumplings. (Dumplings are the new cupcake, pass it on.)

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  • kateobrien

    I didn't think you were overdressed at all!

  • Love the dress, it's fab. lol, can't wait to see you on lookbook, you can show those hipsters a thing or two about how it's done.

  • piaochong

    you look great! love those tights!

  • 'Dumplings are the new cupcake'. Love it! (And the outfit too.)

  • Dumplings kick the butt of cupcakes. Cupcakes are all pretty and sugary with no real substance.

  • I think that's just a perfect outfit!

  • Hello lovely, just wanted to let you know there is a little surprise waiting for you over at my blog (in the form of a Sunshine award). Thanks for adding a little sunshine to my days! xox

  • Show those hipsters what it is all about! And I really need to start wearing strapless dresses with tee-shirts! You look fab.

  • BunnyFlorentine

    Your tights are super exciting! I miss your blonde hair though.. especially with the shaved bit (not that it doesn't look smashing dark as well).

  • This outfit is great and I just love the mesh leggings!

    And btw. I choosed you for the beautiful blogger award ! :)

    xoxox Coco

  • I love your lipstick, it totally makes this look for me. Not to mention your sunglasses are devine.
    You look amazing.

  • Oh, I'm dying to get my hands on those leggings, but am too poor/cheap to pay $30US!!!

  • Garments are sickeningly expensive in Australia. A pair of comparable leggings in plus size from an Australian retailer (they don't even exist anyway!) would be around AUD$80-90! Even plain leggings aren't much cheaper than that.

    I'm always pleased with what I can buy for my AUD in the UK. I don't much buy from the US even though the savings are good, because shipping is always exorbitantly prohibitive.

    It's expensive business putting clothes on your body in Australia :(

  • God those tights are HAWT. I totally want some.