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11 July, 2010

Sushi Tram

Waving cat in a sushi restaurant on top of a cabinet with certificates and a menu taped to the front of it.

Another sideboard arrangement

A small white and coffee coloured soft furry dog is sitting on large cream tiles, and staring up at something beyond the top left of the photo.

Mucking around with iPhone apps!

[Several people have been interested in buying my notebook when I’ve completed it… I’m not sure what I think of that. I guess everything’s for sale, at a price!]

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  • oh wow, it's a tiny notebook, gosh you're so talented!

  • Samantha

    spelled odyssey wrong?

  • Yep, but let's pretend it was intentional ;)

  • I underestand those people, your “doodles” are fantastic! (they are not doodles,…. this is art!) :)