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22 July, 2010

Image of Red Bubble products with fat positive statements.

Just a quick post to alert everyone to the fact that I’ve finally updated my Red Bubble account with recent work. Horah! I was intentionally holding off until I could afford to fund my own print venture but it’s not going to happen for another few months at least so I thought I’d throw them on Red Bubble in the meanwhile. I also added some fat positive designs you can buy in tshirt, hoody or sticker form!

Image of cafepress products: two black tshirts and a gym bag.
Because Red Bubble do not offer womens’ plus sizes I have also started a Cafe Press store, where you can buy a fat positive gym bag if you’re a subversive fatty ;)

Now go forth and desensitise people to the “f word”!

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  • Bri

    OMG… my credit card is not going to thank me for the work out I am about to give it…

  • I've got my eye on one or two postcards that I'd love to frame in IKEA postcard frames to add the finishing touches to my hall.

    I just have to sand the floor, stain the wood and paint the walls first!
    Amazing work..

  • FAB! I think getting the fat-gymbag might actually get me to go to one LOL

  • Buh! For some reason my desktop computer hates redbubble and never loads for me, I shall however try it on my netbook later because I love your art & the 'fat' looks gorgeous!

  • LOVE the fat gym bag! Now I just have to wait for my paycheck (yes!) and then weigh up the pros and cons of joining a gym… mmm nah.

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  • Ankrhe


  • sweetbutterbliss

    I love it. You have to own your fatness and fabulousness. Lane Bryant are a bunch of stuffy jerkfaces.