Come look at what I’ve been doing…

12 August, 2010

Poster for Disband art show in Melbourne - peachy pink background with "Disband" hand lettered with flourishes weaving in and out of the letters. At the bottom of the poster is a couch with cushions, and two lamps flanking it.
Did I show you the poster I drew for the Leeloo Disband show? Well if so, here it is again, because Renee and Angela are taking the exhibition to Melbourne! My work will also be in this show, so if you’re local to Melbourne make a date to check it out.

Coloured pencil and ink illustration of two girls clutching at each other surrounded by detailed flowers and a hand lettered "Girl on girl hate" written above them.
I posted a snap of this as a work in progress before going in and doodling up a frenzy with my Pilot Hi-Tec-C. It’s available on Red Bubble to buy as a print.

Screenshot of a blog layout I designed. Top third is sky blue with hand lettered "nicholosophy" and an illustration of a fat bald man with a big beard and thought bubbles popping out of his head.
For something a bit different: I designed a blog layout for Nick and his billionth new blog (teehee). I wanted to give him a blog he felt comfortable with and inspired by, so he’d keep nourishing it and growing it. It’s very cute and fresh, just like him!

An illustration in black ink with the words "Bunches and sweets" hand lettered inside a hand drawn frame circled by lots of detailed paisley and flowers.
The lovely Rebecca commissioned this piece from me! It’s sitting beside me, patiently waiting to be mailed. Eep!

Pencil illustration in sketchbook of a chubby girl with big hair with flowers in it.
One of two girls I was thumbnailing for a bigger illustration.

Pencil illustration in a sketchbook of a chubby girl with big hair with flowers in it.
I liked her grumpy face!

Coloured pencil, watercolour and ink illustration of a chubby woman with bright flowers in her hair.
This is the bigger illustration I did. I couldn’t think of what to call her, so I named her Daisy. Sometimes it’s just too hard naming things. What would you name her?

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  • kellyhogaboom

    Beautiful pieces. Every one. You are incredibly talented.

    I'd name her Penelope.

  • I think Daisy is perfect ;)

  • Vermillion.

  • Your girls always have the best hair. What I would give for that kind of volume…

  • yay! I'm so excited. And I feel famous now – a real commissioner of art, I am.

    I think you should name her Savannah.

  • wow, BEAUTIFUL!! you're so creative and talented.

  • I love the poster and blog layout, very nice. what do you work in to lay out blogs and who does the coding?

  • Thanks Jennifer, I actually hand code a lot of things because I don't like working in wysisyg editors. If it's a simple job I can find a WordPress theme and modify it (a lot in this instance!) but if it's a little bit complicated, I work with my husband who is a programmer by trade.

  • I think her name is Cornelia! And Nick's layout is very adorable..