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Up on the hill

12 August, 2010

Photo of the long stretched afternoon shadows of Nick and I.
Wednesday was an Ekka (the Royal Show) holiday for most Briswegians and I wanted to get out of the house for a little while because working at home is great and all but sometimes you want to do stuff outside!

Photo of the Brisbane skyline from the top of Mt Coot-tha.
We went up to the top of Mt Coot-tha. That’s Brisbane! I wish you could see the river weaving through the buildings but the angle isn’t quite right I guess. Can we move the mountain a few kilometres that way please?

A photo of a bronze plate in a column with a map envgraved on it. The sun is long and there are long shadows of four people in the background.
It’d been raining in the morning but then suddenly this glorious day happened. It was pretty much a perfect Brisbane winter day, even a little bit colder than usual! (It’s a sub-tropical city… winter is very mild here.) There were lots of people visiting the look out, lucky it was such a nice afternoon!

Photo of me on top of Mt Coot-tha. I'm wearing a long purple top over a fringey purple skirt, a grey long cardigan and scarf with black tights and shoes.
I was wearing clothes, as I am wont to do. I had unknowingly coordinated in grey, black and purple.

Top – Evans
Skirt – DIY
Cardigan – Big W (thanks Mum!)
Scarf – made by Sheila, my other Mum!
Tights – City Chic
Shoes – Crocs
Sunnies – Karen Walker
Bag – Dangerfield

An awkward close up shot of me. My sunglasses have purple lenses and they match my tshirt!
Oh and I got a new hair cut! It’s very very short on the left side of my head! It’s ok, I asked for it to be that way :)

Photo of me on top of Mt Coot-tha. I'm wearing a long purple top over a fringey purple skirt, a grey long cardigan and scarf with black tights and shoes.
I made this skirt the same way I made the black fringed skirt but I doubled over the fringing to form loops!

Photo of a tangle of bushes with the bright sun and blue sky coming through the leaves and branches.
I love afternoon sun coming through trees, it’s the best.

Photo of dark trees against a blue cloudy sky with the sun glaring through the branches.

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  • Cute, cute, cute! I love this new haircut, you're looking fab!

  • kellyhogaboom

    You look awesome. My daughter wants an asymmetrical haircut; I showed her your cut and she loved it!

    Love the toe-cleavage too. ;-)

  • Fab outfit- my favourites- the sunnies (want!) and the skirt! Love the photos of Brisbane-very pretty. Thanks.

  • KateF

    God I love your style. Wish I could throw together and outfit like you do. I feel like such a dag today. Must make more of an effort.

  • Jealous! You get winter, and all the cute clothes that come with it. I LOVE that purple skirt-and-top combination. Over here in lovely Georgia, U.S., it's hotter than hell outside. Urgh. I'm missing my scarves and fuzzy sweaters. :(

  • Hey nice style and nice hair cut too.

  • Kaviare

    I la la love your skirt!

  • Thanks! It was pretty easy to make, just took a few hours of my time (which is usually the thing that stops me making more clothes!)

  • Horah, asymmetry! I've also curled the long bit in the last few days and love how it looks so it's still a flexible style.

    I know some people who are really disturbed by toe cleavage but I quite like it :P

  • kellyhogaboom

    About four minutes after my daughter complimented your haircut we were watching a Shark Week show on Netflix and they were talking about sharks in the Brisbane River. And my daughter wanted to know if you'd seen any. So I thought I'd pass her query along.

  • Nope but other people I know have seen them. It's not exactly a good place to swim ;)