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Off to Sydney (again)!

9 September, 2010

Photo of me as a teenage girl with pale skin and sunburnt arms jokingly screaming in pain. A spider sticker has been stuck in my lap.

Last night I put the finishing touches on my presentation for the Fat Studies Conference! I scanned a bunch of photos and this was one of my favourites – I got very sunburnt on year 12 camp and one of my friends put a spider in my lap when she came across the photo in my senior year scrapbook. It’s kind of how I feel right now: totally freaking out! I’m speaking on Saturday and Nick will be taking a video of my presentation so you won’t miss out on my awkward oratory skills. I’m much more comfortable writing – I guess that’s why I’m a blogger! I’ll also be posting my paper here, I’m hoping I don’t get so nervous that I completely stray from it in my presentation.

What I am looking forward to is meeting a bunch of rad people!!! I envision a lot of fun and bonding, I’m so optimistic about our little fat acceptance movement in Australia.

Photo of me and teenage school friends on a bus. I'm listening to a walkman and have sunglasses on.

Bonus awkward teen photo!

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  • You look just like Bertie Page (the Brisbane burlesque performer, not her namesake)!

  • Anon

    Wow, those buses still have the same seat covers these days!

  • haha, love the photos!! :D