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Fat necklaces are back in stock.

7 October, 2010

Close up shot of my fat necklace cut in a frosted white acrylic. It's hanging in front of my pin board which has some fake flowers, photobooth photos and a photo of a nice floral arrangement pinned to it.

The shop has been restocked with fat necklaces, 19 of! They come in four colours now – shiny red, frosted cupcake pink, frosted white and the original shiny black. Make sure you’re quick – last time I sold out in half an hour.

Close up shots of the fat necklaces in different colours, clockwise from top left: Black, red, frosted white and frosted pink.

Don’t worry if you miss out this time, I aim to order more and more with the profits from each issue of the necklaces. I also hope to get different colours each time! My favourite out of this lot is the frosted white, it reminds me of ice and snowflakes (even though I’ve never seen snow, cough).

Go buy a necklace now :)

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