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Pre-order a fat necklace – don’t miss out!

11 October, 2010

Photo of the laser cut acrylic fat lettering sitting on a pinboard with a bunch of other stuff stuck to it including some photobooth photos of Nick and I, my lovely postcard, some polaroids and some faux flowers.

If you’re sad you missed out on a necklace, don’t even worry about it – I’ve opened up pre-orders! You’ve got until next Monday (October 18) to place an order for the colour of your choice. Horah!

Place your order over at the shop right now to avoid disappointment :D

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  • Will you be doing more later on? I don’t have the money at the moment!!

  • I pre-ordered mine, Yay! So excited!

  • Gypsy_grrrl

    I just pre-ordered mine! So excited too… just wish choosing a colour wasn’t so difficult!

    I wanted the red or black versions but then realised that they wouldn’t really stand out against any of my outfits as I wear a LOT of red and black! So have decided to go with the frosted white (even though I don’t wear any white whatsoever). Not 100% confident in my colour choice but… fingers crossed! :)


  • Gypsy_grrrl

    Just thought I’d ask for a general consensus… what colour has everyone decided to purchase? I’m kinda wishing I’d ordered the black one now! Eeeek. xoxo

  • Rhiannon

    Grr I am too late!!!

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  • Louloumakes

    helloooo, when do you estimate we shall receive our fat neck adornments (i keep thinking about it!!!)?

  • I just sent out an email about the pre-orders, I hope you got it! (Oh wait, you made this comment yesterday… and I only just got it, eep!) At any rate, I do hope you got my email – the necklaces are being cut as I type :D

  • M.

    Oops. Sorry for the double post.

  • M.

    Oh man. I am perpetually behind the curve on these things. D: Are these ever going to be available again?

  • Georgia

    Omg these are amazing, how do i get one.??? :)

  • I wish I knew about this! I’m so sad, hopefully, one day I will be sporting one around my sexy neck.

  • Tatlew

    i want one!!