Badass fance.

22 October, 2010

Photo of one of those chain cut outs, with the cut outs being in the shape of a woman holding her skirt out. Each fold is a different print.
I don’t know who Whistles are but this is a very nice invitation that they sent out and gives me all kinds of ideas. Cut out people were one of my favourite things when I was a kid, and now I wonder why I don’t do more of them. I haven’t done much paper cutting in a while (it hurts my hand a lot!) but I might experiment with some cut out chains. This photo was taken by Susie Bubble.

Photo of a black leather look bow tie on a brown skinned man wearing a white shirt. The tie has brass flowers in the left corner and has chains of different widths draping from it.
Men might feel that they miss out on opportunities to fance, so here is a handy dandy pro tip: bow ties. One of my friends called Spencer wears bow ties and shiny shoes and I think he’s the fancest dude out there. I don’t think he’d be into this darker edged bow tie styling, but other masculine dressers might be! It’s by Robot and Brucling.

A work of art with fine lines and shapes drawn in layers of colours with the top most objects sort of exploding on the surface into gold tipped pin points.
Amanda Hughen‘s work really moves me. If you are familiar with my style and my fascination with line and form, you might have some idea why. I love the layers of colour, line and form and the movement around the surface. I find her approach really inspiring. I’ve been meaning to buy some different coloured inks for a while and now I’m going to see if I can find some drafting film to experiment with too.

Photo of two brown covered Moleskin cahier notebooks with drawings of pin up girls on each cover.
When Linda Boucher posted this photo to her Tumblr and announced that she had Moleskine cahier notebooks for sale in her shop with the most adorable illustrations on the covers I immediately bought the hell out of the top notebook! I don’t want to use it, I just want to frame it.

A black and white photo presumably from 1928 of eight women holding up letters that spell "BAdASS '28".
History can seem a little sanitised to me so when I came across this photograph I was thrilled to see badass women causing trouble in 1928! I love their hairstyles… I have never been able to set my hair in curls properly, yet women back in the day seemed to pull it off perfectly everyday. Or at least in photos… This one is from Twisted Vintage.

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