Afternoon tea at Flamingo

24 October, 2010

Collage of three photos, clockwise from left: "Flamingo" painted vertically up a white wall, with pink fill and black outline; Outfit photo of me wearing a black babydoll style dress with a small floral pattern and boots; Overhead shot of cutlery, muffin and a coffee  on a table, the cups and serviettes are brightly coloured.
Prising Nick away from his precious car racing on a Sunday is pretty difficult but I was going insane and needed some sunshine. We popped into Flamingo for afternoon tea and I remembered to bring the camera to document its adorableness. Flamingo is a cafe in the laneway behind the Zoo, I highly recommend visiting for the good coffee and friendly faces and cute stools.
Photo of a cafe style umbrella on a footpath with  three milkcrate seats underneath it.
Collage of two photos: left is a giant cord on the cob used as a stool to sit on, there's a chunk of it been "bitten" off!; right is a detail shot of the canvas awning which is yellow and white striped.
Milk crates are most definitely not cute stools. I guess Flamingo gets so busy they need overflow seating across the road! I can’t post this without telling you that milk crates are HORRIBLE and remind me of when I was too poor for furniture. Corn cob stools are, however, the greatest followed closely by hamburger stools; Flamingo has all these stools and MORE, including pretty jewel-like and vase shaped stools. STOOLS! It’s a funny word. The yellow and white striped awning is super cheery. (I would have missed this had Nick not taken a few of these photos, thanks Nick!)
Outfit photo of me wearing a black babydoll style dress with short puffed sleeves in a small floral patterned fabric. I'm wearing it with grey boots and dark sunglasses.
Collage of three photos, from left: a garden gnome sitting in front of a blackboard with the menu written in chalk; outfit shot of me; close up on a latte.
Photo of my legs and feet in grey boots walking along a gutter, you can see a bit of the sheer fabric of my skirt in the frame.
Photo of my mug, smiling and wearing sunglasses. You can just make out the braid in the front of my hair.

Of course, I wore clothes. After weeks of rain and storms Brisbane has certainly turned on the sun-beams and I suspect we shall not escape any of the cloying humidity even if summer is full of wet weather and flooding as everyone is worried about. Today was a little bit steamy and it makes me think I need more clothes that aren’t black… but I love black. I am feeling the need for more sundresses to wear with my boots, because the stompy fashions from the ’90s are very comforting right now.

As much as I like my shorter hair, growing out my fringe is really frustrating. I don’t like having hair in my face so I’ve been playing with ways of keeping it off my face. Today I managed to pull off a messy braid along the front, I am very pleased with my efforts!

Dress: Second hand from Sonya‘s sister.
Boots: Evans
Necklace: moi
Sunglasses: Karen Walker

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  • Love the outfit. It makes me think you should be fronting an angry girl band about a decade ago :-)

  • This is basically what I want to be for as long as the ’90s are popular.

  • YES. I am debating a pair of comfy (much as I loved them, my Docs were never comfortable) ankle slouchy-ish boots to wear with some of my maxis. I <3 that 90s fashion is back again.

    That dress looks amazing on you! And now I want to go back to Flamingo and try more of the menu.

  • Those corn cob and hamburger stools are from Third Drawer Down – I am definitely going to get a hamburger once the Boy and I have our own place.

  • Arrggh I hate it when you get milk crate butt! Such a cute dress and boots.

  • Love the dress, love the boots, want a corn cob stool but have no way to justify one. I have been trying to combat the black dominance in my wardrobe for a while now and I’ve almost reached the point where I’ve overdone it.

  • you look so beautiful
    love the photos!

  • I love floaty dresses with stompy boots, so I love your outfit!

  • Annie

    You look so lovely, I love the floaty and the stompy, I have been dressing like that lately as well. I don’t do humidity but I do do (be doo) black so I guess I should just keep quiet about how much I hate icky, sticky heat.
    Growing out a fringe is a bitch! I had the short bob with fringe thing for a bit but too many “You look like Dawn French” comments (luv the woman tho) left me feeling in need of a change. Have been messy braiding mine too, really like the look. Keep on it, you won’t regret. Just lovely.

  • ana

    love love love love!

    I’ve been reading your blog for about 3 months now and have found great inspiration in your writing and body acceptance activism, which I never knew existed, so thank you!

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE it there. those muffins are deadly amazing. I can’t wait to visist again next week when I am up for FK!! YIPEEEEEEEEE!

    Cute outfit too lovely, LOVE the boots! x

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE it there. those muffins are deadly amazing. I can’t wait to visist again next week when I am up for FK!! YIPEEEEEEEEE!

    Cute outfit too lovely, LOVE the boots! x

  • fuck those boots rule!!

  • Trish Laforteza

    aww natalie u are adorable!

  • you truly are a bon vivant! I love your blog :)