Moleskine doodling

25 October, 2010

Photo of a drawing across two pages of a moleskine, a pencil sketch of a young girl with rosy cheeks and lips sits agains a black and dark teal fishnet pattern with "I am a terrible artist" written in it.
Photo of a drawing in a Moleskine page, the silhouette of a fat woman with teal fishnet pattern inside.
Photo of two pages in a moleskine, left has a crystal-fragment like pattern painted in burnt sienna ink; the right page has a pencil drawing of a fat woman wearing a gold leotard, fishnet stockings and shiny black high heels with the word "FAT" written behind her, the letters dripping with purple icing.
Photo of a drawing across two moleskine pages: a pencil drawing of a young woman with long hair, and an open shirt that just covers her breasts against an undulating fishnet pattern which has the words "I think I'm gonna cry" written in it.
Photo of two drawings on the pages of a Moleskine: left is a pen and pencil drawing of a woman with two differently sized breasts that can be seen through a sheer blouse with a pussy bow. The text above says "Not yr fantasy". Right is an ink drawing of a fat young woman wearing a polka dot dress, the yellow polka dot background has text on it that says "Do you have that in a size 24 please" and is partially obscured by the woman's body.
Some drawings from my Moleskine which has been a little bit neglected in the past month or so.

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  • sweetnfat

    I love these so much. But in that first picture, you spelled “fantastic artist” incorrectly. ;)

  • Mishylane

    Fabulous work! One day I will have my own art gallery and I will be asking you to have a solo show in it.

    True story. x

  • These are fantastic! I especially love the silhouette with the patterned blue over the top. And the crying one. And the FAT one. And the seize 24 one.

    Ok. So I guess I like them all very much :D

  • I ESPECIALLY love “Do you have that is a size 24 please” – Oh, I would LOVE postcards of that to leave at shops who DON’T stock my size! I’d probably write (in a variation of what Erin from A Dress A Day wrote several years ago”) “You’d be seeing my credit card instead of this card if you only carried [whatever the item is] is [my size]”. LOVE IT!!!!

  • Kate

    I adore the stained-glass lady in blue. Love love love!

  • Chaiitee

    I really love that one of you on the bottom right, it’s feckin’ brilliant.

  • Please to be making “not yr fantasy” as a print that I can buy please.

  • Elizabeth

    Your drawings are AMAZING! They’ve totally motivated me this morning,
    Keep drawing!

  • RMJ

    yes, that one is PARTICULARLY stunning.

  • Iris (baruchandroll)

    “not yr fantasy” is totally my fantasy! i especially love the boobs and i am seconding the prints please comment.

  • Thomessarena

    That art is absolutely amazing.

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  • Tessa

    I love the “Fat” drawing. If that was available in a print, I would totally buy it!

  • James

    love the ‘i think i’m gonna cry’ one! super talented

  • That’s my favorite one, too! Also, Caity, your idea is genius.

  • LOVE these.

  • kelly

    these are amazing!!