What I wore to the Jucy premiere at BIFF

6 November, 2010

Outfit photo of me in a dress with a black top and full pale blue skirt, and a lace cardi tied under my boobs. My hair is curled and I'm wearing black shoes.

Last night I went to the premiere of Jucy at the Brisbane International Film Festival, a film made in Brisbane by Brisbane people! It was very special for me because some of my illustrations are in the opening sequence and I also illustrated the cover on a mix cd prop. My name is even in the credits, wooowwwieeeee! (I seriously can’t get over that, it was a huge thrill.)

Jucy is a movie with two women in the lead roles and it doesn’t just pass the Bechdel Test, it gets gold stars and a ticker-tape parade because it deals with mental health, body image and friendship in a realistic way. None of the gorgeous stars are size 0, in fact Francesca Gasteen (who plays Lucy) is pretty much MY SIZE. Horay! That never happens in movies or tv! It’s a movie that is close to me not just because I did some work on it; there’s a certain Brisbaneness that is infused throughout this film and I identify so strongly with being fat, wanting a creative career and dealing with mental illness too.

Outfit photo of me in a dress with a black top and full pale blue skirt, and a lace cardi tied under my boobs. My hair is curled and I'm wearing black shoes; I'm walking around a garden and you can see the outline of my hips as the light shines  through the skirt.
Here is my “wandering through the magical garden of faeries” pose.

Close up photo of my hand next to my side, draped in pale blue chiffon, and I'm wearing a plastic bangle with a floral print, and a ring with a large flat dark stone.

Photo of me with my back facing the camera, and I'm looking over my shoulder. I'm wearing a black lace cardigan over a mint blue full skirt.

Dress: I cut the skirt off the infamous “foofy dress” and attached it to a singlet.
Cardigan: Yours Clothing
Shoes: Softspot
Necklace: Me
Bangle: Evans
Ring: City Chic

Jucy premiere

Here’s the cast and crew of Jucy snapped on my iPhone (with Instagram!)

If you see this movie at a cinema near you, BUY A TICKET!

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  • Fantastic outfit! I love how you re-purposed the dress! The seafoam and black lace looks amazing together. I also love your hair…

  • Love your outfit, the green is heavenly x
    Congrats on the credit mention too

  • LaCara

    You look fabulous!! I love your hair, and you the color of the skirt suits you so well! :)

  • So lovely :) I adore your hair too.

  • Sarah

    You are truly an artist.

  • I love, love, love this whole outfit & your hair! If I had one of those smileys with the pulsating heart eyes, I would use it right now!

    Also, congrats!! :D

  • Natalie you look so beautiful! I can’t wait to see this film! Go Brisbane! x

  • Bumbler

    Everything about this post makes me smile!

  • Congrats on being in the credits! That outfit was really cute.

  • kaimoana

    You look AMAZING!

  • I really hope Jucy comes to New Zealand.

  • Anni

    I just watched a trailer for the movie. Those girls worked at my real life local video store!

  • love this!!! xxx

  • Anonymous