Purple and blue for a windy day.

12 March, 2011

An outfit photo of me, fat and pale skinned with blonde hair, wearing a purple floral dress with a blue cardigan tied under my bust. I'm also wearing black cage sandals and carrying a black bag.

While the more in-depth content is a bit light at the moment, please enjoy another outfit photo. This dress is the one I bought from Torrid the other month, snapped up while it was on sale! Torrid’s shipping to Australia is disturbingly and consistently expensive so I was glad to go in on a group order with a friend. It’s actually a size or two too big for me! The arm holes are very low, exposing any bra I wear with it so I decided to wear a little cardigan today. I’ll alter it when I’ve got time but even taking it won’t help the low arm hole business!

A photo of my head and shoulders and I'm looking down while putting a hand up to my hair because it's so windy!

It was a windy day today and after Nick took these photos I actually went back inside to put on leggings because I fear the embarrassment of a blown up skirt! We went in to town to get a new fridge because ours has decided it has run its course and repairs are going to cost the price of a new one. Silly isn’t it? I also got a new stand mixer because mine isn’t electrically sound anymore… It sparks inside the casing, not very safe!!

A black and white photo of me smiling.

This photo is for a THING I have been nominated for. It’s kind of gob-smacking and I don’t feel comfortable telling you about it until Monday when I know it’s for real! All I can say is that I will need to call on your support and I love you love you love you all :P

Dress: Torrid
Cardigan: I don’t know!
Sandals: Evans

And just one thing before I go: Do you have any suggestions for a strapless bra for a big cup and band? They are unicorns in Australian stores!

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  • Kristy


    A friend of mine needed a strapless bra for a wedding, she went to the Valley to Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore. I’m looking on their website ( and it appears they go up to 26G in a certain strapless style?!?


  • madagascar_b

    What size back? I am a J, so I have an idea of a number of brands.

  • IWannaBeAdored

    That dress is really pretty :)

  • Lilly

    I like the colours, Natalie! Re: strapless bras, I don’t know if this comes in your size, but I got this last year and it is hands down the best strapless bra I’ve ever owned:

  • Lilly

    I could only order it online here, but maybe you can test it out in store if it’s in your size. It totally passed the jumping test.

  • Beautiful! So colorful and fresh.

  • I tend to avoid BGDCA because the last time I went in there the assistant was pretty rude and they only had two bras in my size… and it was for my wedding! I had a look at the site and couldn’t see any bras that’d be big enough in the band size :(

  • It really depends, I have a hard time knowing my exact size but in AU sizes I’m around a 20 F or G and in UK sizes a 42 G seems to fit me alright. But of course it’s different for every brand!

  • I love this dress on you! This colour is beautiful!!

  • Damana

    Perfect combo with the hair. LIKE