Flower queen.

22 March, 2012

I’ve been making these flower crowns lately and today I finally put on make up (including the successful application of false eyelashes for the first time ever) so I convinced a tired Nick to take photos of me modeling them. I’ll put them up for sale on Fancy Lady Industries soon, I’ve just got to figure out a price and how I’ll post them. To be the first to find out when they are available make sure you’re on the FLI mailing list.

A photo of me sitting against our floral headboard with Miffy lying against my leg. I'm wearing a pink flower crown.

A photo of me wearing a pale pink flower crown.

A photo of me wearing a blue rose crown.

A photo taken from above, of me lying down with my eyes closed. I wear a blue and green flower crown.

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  • You crowns make you look like a flower goddess. I want one. the first picture of you is beyond gorgeous…love the coloring

  • Beautiful photos, Natalie! I love these crowns. I really want to make some myself. <3

  • Sabrina Rujansoki

    I’m in love with these photos! You have inspired me to tear up my bowl of fake flowers and turn them into a fabulous crown

  • Dee

    oh these are great.  I’ve been lusting after a floral crown/head piece for a while now, firstly after reading Desiree’s blog, pull up your socks and now your lovelies.  swoon

  • Gill

    Dear Natalie,

    These photos are beautiful.  You are stunning.

    Love, Gill (I always read but I’m often quiet.) X

  • Liana Fahie


  • Kate F

    You are so beautiful Natalie. I wish I had your style.