Germ free adolescent

1 April, 2012

A black and white outfit photo of me wearing all black, posing with my hand on my hip in the garden.

I’ve long given up on trying to come up with original and witty blog subjects, so today I am borrowing from X-Ray Spex! Funnily enough I did a lot of hand washing this afternoon but not because I was doing anything especially infectious, rather I was screen printing some patches soon to pop up on Fancy Lady Industries. (Aside: that’s the smoothest segue I’ve ever written.)

I broke up the screen printing with a trip to Robina to have chocolate and buy art stuff with Nick, Heiko and Lilly. This blouse is the Domino Dollhouse one I wrote about yesterday, and it’s my second favourite blouse in the world after the white polka dot one! I have one gripe though: I wish the buttons were black, but that’s an easy fix. The white polka dot blouse also has a slightly more annoying drawback because the collar is far too small for my neck. I’d like to button it up and wear cute ties with it but alas. I wore this black blouse earlier in the week with a cameo necklace under the collar, and it was terribly adorable.

An outfit photo of me, fat and pale skinned with short white hair, wearing a long black sheer blouse with a collar over a slip with jeggings and cage sandals. I also wear a pair of awesome black and white striped sunglasses.

Photo of me being smily.

Photo of the back of me, featuring a surprise black and white polka dot back! (I'm not sure what's happening with the wrinkle bum?!)

A closer photo of me putting on my fabulous black and white striped sunglasses.

A final photo of my outfit, I stand with hands on hips proudly displaying my ensemble.

Blouse: Domino Dollhouse
Slip: From a City Chic dress
Jeggings: Best and Less
Sandals: Spendless
Sunglasses: Domino Dollhouse
Bangle: Evans

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  • Domino Dollhouse

    You look WONDERFUL!  We actually originally designed it with black buttons, got the sample with black buttons, but it came in with white.  It was too late to change, so we went ahead.  =)

  • You are looking better and better lately. I think it’s…all the smiles in the photos? <3

  • Issychris

    Gorge pics Natalie-you look super super happy.
    Your inner glow/strength/happiness is tres chic :)))
    Best wishes

  •  Maybe the new meds I’m on too!

  •  Actually now I look at these photos maybe black buttons could look… not great? My mind is cleaved in two, IDK!

  •  Thank you Issy :D

  • I love that shear blouse and I’m not the greatest fan of shear. Those glasses are making me swoon though. I can just picture them on my giant head!

    It doesn’t matter what is making you smile…any reason is great!

  • Okay, that blouse is amazing! I think you’ve sold me on wanting it even more then I did before!

  • Constance

    You have such a great sense of style!