Four things I did in recent weeks.

21 April, 2012

A watercolour and ink illustration of a teal haired fat babe's face with a languorous expression, dripping blush and lipstick and a donut necklace that says "Glutton". Various fat related insults fill the rest of the paper.

A watercolour and ink self portrait as I hold a pink iced donut up to one eye like a monocle.

A watercolour and ink illustration of a babe with fluro yellow hair (who looks like me, ha!) that contains the words "hard fance". Their make up is bold and they wear a bra with lots of tattoos that include a femme alien, a donut/ licorice/ doily/ leg chestpiece, lipstick and a milkshake.

A watercolour and ink illustration of a green/ purple gradient haired babe with braids and eyelashes so long they can be braided around their head.

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  • Eat MyShorts

    I love the last one – it’s awesome! :)

  • All of these works should be in a gallery! So creative and different. I love it.

  • gorgeous! i love the first one! and the chest piece with the legs!