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Internet Censorship. No sir, I don’t like it.

23 January, 2010

Yep, the government is still planning to install mandatory internet censorship and I’m still flaming angry about it. Nick and I are part of and we’re having a BBQ in Orleigh Park on Australia Day to chat with supporters and other likely chaps about our campaign against the internet filter.

If you can’t make it on Tuesday, there is a handy dandy ACTION page with some things you can do to make your opposition to the internet filter felt by the government. There’s also a Stop Internet Censorship wiki where you can contribute your ideas and discuss ways of protesting.

As part of my own personal protest against mandatory internet filtering I will be taking part in The Great Australian Internet Blackout. This means that from January 25-29 this blog, and all the other sites I run, will be going black to demonstrate against Australian internet censorship. My sites will be available – to browse as usual you’ll just need to close the blackout box. I hope this doesn’t cause too much inconvenience but I wanted to contribute, as a website owner and blogger, to a cause that is close to my heart. If you run a website or a blog and want to demonstrate against the mandatory internet filter, here are instructions on how to black your site out. I hope you do participate, because it means vastly increased visibility and the chance of informing people who perhaps aren’t as internetty as you!

The blacklist will contain material that isn’t even illegal, and you can bet it will also contain content that the government wants to suppress (e.g: political dissent!) Internet censorship affects me as a web content producer, and you as a web content consumer; moreover, it affects us as Australians and constituents with a right to a transparent government.


Augmented Reality and Esquire magazine

12 November, 2009

I just stepped into the 21st century the other week: I got an iPhone. The best part about having an iPhone is having an iPhone – they’re just so lovely and sleek and well designed. It’s like having the internet by my side, where ever I am (so long as I have Optus coverage!) I’ve used the Epicurious app to look up recipes, found my way to the airport with Google maps, and freed up about two hours a day where I don’t have to sit at my iMac.

The one app I’ve not downloaded is an augmented reality app. I’m not entirely sure I want my reality augmented, because it’s hard enough trying to separate the fact from the fiction. Governments lie to us, the pictures we look at aren’t especially truth, and anyone with enough money can bias anything. Augmented Reality has scared me, insofar as it could just be another veil to rip off. Luckily, at the moment, Augmented Reality has kept itself to small, amusing and sometimes useful things – like this month’s issue of Esquire magazine, demonstrated in the above video.

I can’t deny that it’s cool – it’s actually really super awesome in terms of providing even more content. I just worry that if I choose not to opt into Augmented Reality, that I’d miss out on things – and I’m the sort of person with enough privilege who can choose to opt in and out!

What do you think? Have you seen any other cool/ scary examples of Augmented Reality?


How to subscribe to a blog.

19 May, 2009

If you’re still devoting your lunch break to clicking through bookmarks just in case your favourite blogs have been updated, this blog post is for you. I have been on this here internets for a long time, so subscribing to blogs and doing other internetty things is like second nature to me. I always forget that there are people out there who might not have had so much experience online, so I thought a brief post on how you can keep up with and your other favourite blogs was in order, especially considering there are some new services available that help you manage your blog subscriptions.

My favourite service is Google Reader and if you’ve already got a Google account (for example, do you use Gmail?) chances are your Reader account is ready to go. There are quite a few other feed readers out there, web and desktop based, however most of my subscribers use Google’s services (Reader or iGoogle).

How to subscribe to a blog with Google Reader

Because blogs are driven by crazy, awesome, individual.. uh… individuals there’s no standard way to just hit a button and subscribe. The things you can look out for are:

♡ This cute little RSS symbol. You might find it within the page design, or on the top right of the address bar in your browser. (I use Firefox for Mac with the Anna Sui persona!)

♡ The abbreviation “RSS”, which stands for Really Simple Syndication. I’ve screencapped the “Meta” section from The Rotund, a blog I’ve been meaning to subscribe to for ages!

♡ The word “Subscribe” as hyperlinked text or an image (my blog hyperlinks an image with “Subscribe” hand written by me).

If I click on a hyperlinked RSS text or image, I’m taken to this page (click to embiggen), where Google asks me how I’d like to subscribe to the feed. I choose Reader, because all of my subscriptions are there and I don’t use the iGoogle/ Google Homepage service. It’s up to you to choose!

From there you’ll be able to build up your subscriptions, and browsing the latest entries from all the blogs you used to run around visiting will be as easy as visiting one site!

Other ways to keep up with

A few weeks ago I set up my blog on NetworkedBlogs, which is a facebook application that allows you to read all your blogs without leaving the snuggly comfort of facebook. Follow my blog with NetworkedBlogs.

For those of you who like using Livejournal to read RSS feeds, you can watch the syndicated feed on LJ. Follow my blog with the Livejournal syndicated feed.

Just before I claimed my blog on bloglovin’ because I found out through my Analytics stats that people had already begun subscribing to me through the service. Follow my blog with bloglovin´.

Most websites are jumping on the RSS wagon so subscribe to all of your blogs today and free up your lunch hour for actually having fun! (Can I suggest hijinx in the tearoom, or laps around the carpark?)


Spread Firefox. Today!

17 June, 2008

Today is Download Day!

From my stats I know that half of you already use Firefox, you guys get cupcakes. Before I’ll even consider cracking open my second Tupperware full of cupcakes, the rest of you need to download Firefox.

Why do I use Firefox?

  • Firefox renders websites correctly, IE masks coding errors.
  • By using Firefox you’re helping web developers look to the future, rather than spend so much time on backwards compatibility.
  • Add-ons! I have a boat load of add-ons, from StumbleUpon to Firebug. Handiest things EVER.
  • It makes you cool. No word of a lie.

Why do you use Firefox?


In other news, there is no news

15 May, 2008

This strangely moves me… and by the way, how amazing is it that you can now post videos on Flickr?

I found it on TwitBuzz, after rediscovering my own neglected Twitter account. Join me! It’s (reportedly) the cool thing to do. Maybe one day I’ll Twitter about something incredibly embarrassing and instantly regret ever signing up for an account. And then I’ll Twitter about that regret.

I have heard rumours that Twitter is addictive, but I’m still not convinced. Maybe because I don’t have my sms messages enabled. Maybe because I’m not following enough people. I’m not sure what the magic formula for Twitter addiction is. Perhaps if I give it a chance, and let it invade my life, I will have no choice but to succumb?

In a Billy Connelly way of doing things, this brings me back to the above video. There’s absolutely no way that there can ever be a “no news day” in this era, not when people can bug you with their micro-blog posts on your mobile phone!


Books + RGB = Super Nerdy Love

18 September, 2007

If you read you’ve probably seen this already: an amazing flickr group called “Rainbow of Books” dedicated to pictures of people’s bookcases that have been organised by colour.

This excited me so much I had to go and rearrange our book case. And that was when I discovered that a lot of my books are in a big packing box somewhere or strewn across the cosmos… and the rest have either black or white spine art. Lame!

Most of my books have black or white spines

Why do the Harry Potter books have three blocks of three very different colours on the spines? I literally pondered for five minutes at this quandry. My “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” books are all different editions, therefore all have different spine art, therefore are all split up in the RGB spectrum. This annoyed me much.

Will I go to drastic lengths to rectify this? Probably not ;)