Comments Policy

This blog is a personal blog, but it’s also about lots of things that people love to discuss. That’s awesome, I think dialogue is important and helps us work through difficult concepts. I welcome discussion, and to further enhance conversation I’ve installed Disqus. That means you can reply to my post, and also to other people’s comments. Go introduce yourself to a commenter you really like, and have a rad chat!

For a long time I didn’t have a comments policy, because my audience was small and pretty close knit. In recent months I have been gratefully posted, republished and linked from a number of awesome blogs and so my audience has increased. It’s probably time to formalise a few things!

No body shaming. I’m not saying everything has to be positive, but I want my blog to be a place where the negative messages from the rest of the world aren’t echoed. This also means no weight loss or diet talk.

No racism, transphobia, homophobia, ageism, sizeism or sexism.
I will delete comments containing hate speech, and I will use my discretion when deciding if the commenter will be banned from commenting.

Spammers be damned. I get a lot of spam, and I use Disqus’ fantastic moderation tools to banish it. If you’re a real person who left a comment that was a little bit too spammy (too many links/ not related to the post/ gratuitous self promotion), you may find your comment is deleted.

Personal attacks will be deleted. I will use my discretion when deciding if the commenter will be banned from commenting. Just don’t be a jerk. Ok?

Freedom of speech is something I support, but it doesn’t mean that you can say something messed up without it being addressed. This is my space. I pay for hosting and administration and I generate the content, so I get to decide what is acceptable on my space.

I reserve the right to delete comments and block commenters as I see fit. If you’d like to discuss a specific instance you’re welcome to get in touch via my contact form.