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Just DIY it.

6 September, 2011

I’ve been collecting a few rad tutorials and how-tos lately and I thought I’d post about them because you might want to do them too!

A photo of a black and white patterned padded headboard against a dark grey wall behind a bed with white bed linen.

Make a padded headboard.

I made one last week and it was surprisingly easy after I found all the materials but beware, unless you have foam on hand it can be expensive and I couldn’t find flush mounts anywhere! The bedhead pictured is by aimlesslyhome.

Two photos of someone wearing a white singlet dress with white lace trim down the front and sherbert orange yarn fringe.

Make a Leyendecker-inspired dress.

I don’t like the sherbert orange fringe (even though it’s a cool colour!) but I love the ideas in this. You could revamp t-shirts in lots of different ways with these ideas.

A photo of a hand with rainbow stripes and stars on each nail and a unicorn painted on the thumb.

Paint a unicorn on your thumb.

I don’t know if my nails are long enough for this but maybe I could paint a tiny unicorn? Watch the video to see what kinds of tools are used (a skewer!) for your future nail art experiments.

A photo of a small black and silver dog wearing a blue patterned harness.

Make a small dog harness.

We bought Miffy a harness but it keeps coming loose and it isn’t very awesome looking. I’m going to make her all kinds of cute harnesses now!

A photo of a necklace made of box braided tan leather with washers braided into half of it.

Braid a necklace.

This is a nice project for gifts or for doing on a lovely crafternoon with your friends. Honestly WTF also has tutorials for a wrap bracelet and braided hex nut bracelet. Make a bunch and mix them together on your wrist, it looks great.

Image - a pale green frame with a tiny vertical garden of succulents planted inside it.

Make a framed garden.

I’ve loved vertical gardens for so long, and this project is an awesome small scale idea that you can hang on a wall. I want to scour op shops for frames of all sizes so I can make lots of framed gardens to hang on the fence in the backyard.


Comfort in beauty and memory.

12 November, 2010

Photo of a young thin person with coffee coloured smooth skin wearing a bandage style top and a statement necklace made from coloured acrylic in geometric shapes that sit together like plates.
Hello fabulous necklace and attractive person! Ever since I figured out how to design stuff for acrylic I’ve been really interested in what other people have been making with it and I really like this idea of several plates that fit together. I’d love to have access to the kind of equipment that would let me make curves and bends in the acrylic though… oh the opportunities for making stuff would really open up then! This photo was posted uncredited on Tumblr.

Photo of a seat made from a lovely plush white quilted padding on the inside of an old opened mint green suitcase with ornate white legs attached to the bottom.
Furniture with quilted padding is very comforting to me, I think it has something to do with the plushiness. Katie Thompson‘s furniture is stuffed full of cozy associations, taking objects like suitcases, crates and tubs and turning them into nice places to sit down. I really want one of these seats!

A photo of a bed with a handmade quilt and lots of cushions that is suspended by rope from trees in the middle of a forest.
Sticking to the comforting vibe, this bed is a place I really want to be right now. I’ve always felt like my spiritual home is amongst trees in a rain forest, an escape from the clattering people in the city (even though I think skyscrapers are a bit tree-like.) This lovely photo was taken by Ditte Isager.

A sepia toned vintage photograph of a young slim dark skinned man wearing a checked jacket belted at the waist with a turned up collar, pin stripe pants and a jaunty hat. He is  strutting down the footpath with confidence but looking at the photographer questioningly.
It’s quite tempting to say with confidence that people dressed much better a few decades ago, but it’s all a matter of taste and understanding that casual outfits probably weren’t documented so readily. I do love what this man is wearing though; I just wonder if the photographer had asked for his permission before taking the photo or if the questioning look on the man’s face says otherwise… This photo was originally posted on Tumblr by Street Etiquette.

Photo of a small vessel that has been constructed out of bits of smashed china. It's got a sort of blobular form with a small funnel emerging from the top at an angle. All the seams are painted gold and highlight the disjointed construction.
Lately I have been loving old china patterns, particularly blue and white china, so when I found Yee Sookyung’s work I felt instantly connected to it. I am kind of a clumsy person and there have been more than a few occasions in my life when I have smashed something special to me (not necessarily valuable) and I have wondered if gluing it back together would devalue the object in my memory, if it’d just be so ugly that I’d have to dispose of it. I really love these “china trash” objects because it proves that you can make beauty out of broken things that have meaning, so they sort of assume a whole new meaning and memory.

Bonus content

It’s been a bit of a light content week because I’ve been busy but I just wanted to wack this stuff on the end of the post because a new post seems wasteful (why? I don’t know!)

A scan of a handmade card that has the letters of "LOVE" cut out of purple watercoloured paper and surrounded by paisley doodling in black ink.
Today is Nick’s birthday and I made him this card. Happy birthday Nick! I love you.

In other news

My second Redrawn post is up at Dangerously Luxe and this week I’ve redrawn two Marc Jacobs looks. They are bright and fun and look pretty fabulous on plus sized bodies!


Minaudières: because it’s a nice looking word.

9 October, 2010

A fairly realistic looking coloured pencil drawing of a woman's head surrounded by the leaves and flowers of the hibiscus. While you can see her lips and nose, her eyes and forehead look to be missing, leaving a void in the drawing.
I’m always in awe of artists who can master pencils the way Marco Mazzoni does. I don’t know much about this artist but I was really affected by this piece when I scrolled down Google Reader and found it posted on Phantasmaphile.

A photo of a page from the Voynich manuscript, the page has been unfolded and embellished with highly detailed illustration in circular patterns. The symbols look like flowers, and some are too small to describe, but the manuscript remains undecyphered to this day.
This is a page from the world’s most mysterious document, the “Voynich manuscript“. It’s a completely hand written and illustrated book that has remained largely undecyphered to this day. The illustrations point to it being a book about medicine and herbal remedies but the subject matter seems to cover quite a lot of ground including astronomy.

A photo of a collection of felt book covers and bags in fluoro pink, grey and cream. They have an art deco flair.
Olympia Le-Tan is a French artist who hand stitches these wonderful handbags and minaudières. I am shamefully monolingual so I had to look up the definition of a minaudière:

n. pl. min·au·dières A small ornamental case for a woman’s cosmetics, jewelry, or personal items that is often carried as a handbag.

Please don’t ask me to pronounce this with my broad Australian accent! At any rate, Olympia makes gorgeous things. I particularly love the colour scheme of these bags but Susie Bubble shot a bunch of photos of Olympia’s other wonderful pieces and you should take a look!

An illustrationg of 7 fancy illustrated frames each containing bars of colours, all graduating through pretty colour schemes.
Before we got our trusty old colour wheel a bunch of hardworking colour scientists sweated bullets trying to figure out the best way to document colour systems. I am very partial to this infographic (1769 style!) by Jacob Christian Schäffer, yes the fancy frames do have my vote! You can read more about the fascinating history of colour charting and documentation on Imprint.

A photo of a rug that is coloured and divided like farming land as if you were viewing it from a plane. A few miniature cows are placed comically on the rug.
One of the things I like about flying is seemingly defying the laws of gravity and not crashing. I also like looking down upon farmland and seeing a patchwork of colours laid underneath me. So I think these rugs by Florian Pucher are particularly clever because I can enjoy the aerial views from a height of 175cm and only have to worry about tripping over the corner. You can buy these in colour schemes inspired by Europe, Africa, Netherlands and USA but since the wool is from New Zealand wouldn’t it be fitting if there was an New Zealand or Australian design?


B.Ditto, crumpets and other endearing things

17 September, 2010

Photograph of a pale skinned fat woman with a short brown bouffant bob, wearing a cherry coloured velvet dress with lots of stuff pinned around the neckline and around the front.
Beth Ditto, the woman responsible for this morning’s excitement, can not be excluded from the Fance this week. We love you B.Ditto, thank you for designing a collection of clothes that is fun and makes us feel good. I particularly wanted to post this photo because of the fantastic dress – you can probably DIY this with any number of velour dresses that are out at the moment, and a bunch of pins and badges and keys from your local op shop. I know I’m going to be giving it a burl!

Photo of a chair with a big ornate backing made of cane, there's also a bunch of old pictures and frames on the wall.
I have no idea what to call this spectacular cane thing but I want one. Seeing as I grew up in the ’80s and my parents had furniture from ’70s I saw a lot of this kind of thing in bedheads and tables and chairs so it’s little wonder I have a fondness for the style. This is from a studio reno on Design*Sponge – check out the kitchen, it’s pretty cute.

Diptich of photos of a lovely pale skinned red-headed young lady wearing two fantastically gorgeous jewelled and fancy head pieces.’s Black Label is gorgeous but the photography they’ve done for these ornately special headpieces is something else! I am very envious of this model’s incredible mane of hair, and also because she gets to wear these beautiful fancy things.

Home made crumpets with a raspberry sauce drizzled on top.
Crumpets are the best and I’m sad that as we move into summer I can no longer fully enjoy the warmth and comfort of this delicious carby meal. (But I will still probably try and eat crumpets in summer anyway!) I have never tried to make crumpets from scratch but these look so good with the raspberry curd that I might give it a go one day.

Photo of a miniature elephant in a party hat on a tricycle that holds a tiny glass jar full of grass.
It’s almost a rule that I include a garden type thing in the Fance, and this week you get a tiny little adorable elephant pulling a tiny garden on a trike. Naturally, Elsa Mora is the creator of such an endearing object! See more of these tiny terrariums on her blog.


Fance on Friday

13 August, 2010

A chocolate peanut butter cake sitting on a cake dish - it looks delectable, with thick dark chocolate icing dripping down the sides of the buttery yellow cake.
HELLO CAKE. Be in my mouth, like right now! Smitten Kitchen is one of my absolute favourite food blogs, and having had the chance to make a few recipes from the site I can almost guarantee this Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake will be made of deliciousness.

A red-painted deck overlooking densly crowded rooftops in a city. Cushions, blankets, magazines and plants are scattered on the horizontal surfaces on the deck.
I would ultimately love an overgrown backyard full of greenery, but I adore the city and hate gardening. This deck of a Swedish apartment is an ideal compromise! I’d add more potplants, take away the magazines and it’d be perfect for working and relaxing. You have to go see the rest of this apartment on From The Right Bank, it’s fabulous and has the white walled crispness I so desire.

An open book, the spread embroidered with a geometrical pattern and an explosion-like graphic has been laid over the top, perhaps in silver leaf?
Book art fascinates me, even just old school bookbinding is stunning, and so when I come across an artist who combines both with a rad style it’s a bonus. I’m so happy to have found Dianna Frid’s work, it’s just so interesting to look at with a bunch of stuff usually happening on each page: embroidery, foil, drawing and typography.

A beautiful and ornately decorated Crandall typewriter, it has a wonderful curved and ornate Victorian design and is lavishly decorated with hand painted roses, accented with inlaid mother-of-pearl!
This typewriter is intensely gorgeous. I’ve never been into the typewriter thing… I learnt to type on one of the damned things so I guess I don’t connect with the whimsical/ nostalgia/ “idyllic era gone by” element because of that. But this machine is incredibly good looking and very much in line with my overly decorated aesthetic. You can find out more about antique typewriters over here!

An Art Nouveau era illustration of a thin, pale skinned woman with red hair wearing a cream and pink flowing dress and a huge red hat.
I haven’t posted anything Art Nouveauish for a while so I figure it’s time for a dose of lovely organic line work! This is by Georges de Feure, whose real name was Georges Joseph van Sluÿters but I guess it’s not as fun to say as Georges de Feure*.

* I don’t know how to properly pronounce either name without my broad ‘Strine brogue corrupting them (i.e: JAW-jes dee FEWray… so ‘Strayan!)


In a modern faery queen’s world

6 August, 2010

Photo of a beautiful young Asian woman wearing a white dress with feathery plumes in her lilac coloured hair. She's sitting on a mountain of coffee coloured and white material, some tulle.
When I came across this photo on Tumblr I loved it at once, probably because it reminds me a little of Kate’s work. Han Jin looks as though she were a faery queen, I love that pose. I might try to sketch it! See the rest of the Spring Breeze editorial from Vogue Korea.

Photo of a crisp white kitchen with lots of light, floating shelves holding neatly arranged baskets, glasses and other things.
Even though I’m a fan of overblown, ridiculously detailed design work I yearn for light, white open spaces. Our kitchen was born in the 1970s, and the brown and muted orange and darkness really bothers me, but we rent so there’s not much we can do about that! Photo credit: Samantha Pynn via decor8.

A photo of a room with a giant picture of a cherry blossom tree (I think!) on the wall and lots of whimsical things strewn about on the floor including: parasols, rocking horses, old suitcases and an old-fashioned record player with a trumpet device (can't remember the name of this!)
Practically, having a room like this might be a nightmare (depending on how much space you have available and how often you like to dust – i.e: never for me) but it’d be an awesome set up for taking outfit photos. Susie Bubble posted these photos of the Townhouse Escape in London a few days ago, I’d love to stay there.

An old framed plate from The Harmonia Macrocosmica featuring concentric circles rotating around a globe at the centre.
This is a plate from The Harmonia Macrocosmica, you can buy prints of some of these beautiful plates from Transmission Atelier Inc.

The Harmonia Macrocosmica is a star atlas written by Andreas Cellarius and published in 1660 by Johannes Janssonius. The first part of the atlas contains copper plate prints depicting the world systems of Claudius Ptolemy, Nicolaus Copernicus and Tycho Brahe. At the end are star maps of the classical and Christian constellations, the latter ones as introduced by Julius Schiller in his Coelum stellatum christianum of 1627.
via Wikipedia

A very skillful painting of a young white skinned man's face, he's got short brown hair and full red lips and a floral pattern stretches across most of his face. He eyes the viewer questioningly.
It’s nice to randomly come across an image and find its creator is Australian. This painting is by Deidre But-Husaim, an artist from South Australia who scours through photos of models daily in order to find the perfect reference material for her floral tattoo makeovers. See more of her work.


Friday Fance: Resourcefulness Boom

2 July, 2010

A photo of a warehouse style room with mismatched chairs and tables set up for a dinner party. Food, desklamps, wine glasses and dinner plates clutter the tables, some are even on the floor.
Pip at Meet Me at Mikes posted some of Lo Bjurulf’s interior styling work and I was in love. I’m a fan of mismatched, childish, chaotic things and I think being invited to this dinner party would be a lot of fun. Sometimes we are so taken with what we ought to buy and posses as Proper Adults to impress other Proper Adults, especially when it comes to etiquette and entertaining, and we forget that spending time with people we like should be honest and loving and not furnished with things bought specifically to impress. We are so impressive to our loved ones anyway, without all that stuff.

A cake with many little cake flags, all of different heights, sits inside a tall cake "jar" (I guess!) on a white bench.
Herriott Grace are a daughter and father business and they have an adorable story behind their web store that you should go read. Everything has been sold out in the store for ages, but it’s worth a look just for the styling – and these cake flags are totally on my To DIY list. I’m very interested in getting that tall cake cover in the picture. Very.

The door of a truck, teal in colour but rusted, has been embellished with large cross stitched flowers.
It should be no surprise to you that I adore craft that uses wasted objects, especially when a masculine object is embellished with a traditionally feminine craft. This piece is called “Way of Roses” and it was made by Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė.

Photo shows a wooden staircase ascending behind a white wall that is covered in a tendril-like pattern that is actually formed by growing moss.
Fulfilling my need for at least one example of vertical garden per each Friday Fance is this wallpaper that is formed by cultivating designs in moss. Check out this Design*Sponge post on Oki Sato‘s house, featuring this ingenious moss wallpaper designed by his partner, Asami Kiyokawa.

A small wooden recipe card box with a white screenprinted floral design on the lid and handwritten lettering saying "Recipes".
Rifle Paper Co.’s recipe boxes are lovely and made by local craftspeople using locally salvaged hardwood, and that’s all very nice but I really want to get my hands on some wooden cigar boxes now and doodle on them!


Friday Fance: Fance harder?

18 June, 2010

A photo of an ornate chair with a pink frame and green seating that looks like a prickly pear.
A prickly pear chair! I had to look a few times before I understood what I was looking at. I love this chair style, and I adore that the back has been used to replicate a cactus! It’s by Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers, and her site is currently down but I’ll link to the Design*Sponge post I found it in instead!

A photo of a walkway in an abandoned railway station. The architecture is ornate but deteriorating, and plants have started to overgrow parts of the structure.
This is part of an abandoned railway station in Abkhazia, a former Russian territory. Basically this is like my dream landscaping and/or interior decor. I love vines and overgrown plants reclaiming buildings. Check out the rest of the photos on

Beautiful handwritten calligraphy on an envelope that has stamps with flowers across the top of it.
I adore calligraphy, and have wanted to get into it for ages but simply haven’t had the time to investigate buying the tools! This work is by Patricia Muman of Primele, who offer custom calligraphy as well as stamps. The product photos are just gorgeous, I love when sellers put such thought into styling their photographs.

A photo of an older woman dressed in fucshia sits in a kitchen, bright pink and orange flowers in her red hair, her right hand brought up under her chin and her left hand gesturing towards the camera.
Advanced Style posted some photographs from a Dazed and Confused editorial that featured two incredibly fancy women. I really REALLY want to be this amazing when I grow up.

Photo of a living room with a window revealing a garden on the left, a vertical hanging garden in the centre and a bookcase to the right.
Continuing my obsession with vertical gardens, here is a product that was MADE for me! Woolly Pockets are hanging vertical pockets that allow you to plant all kinds of amazing greenery on your walls. I got this photo from Design*Sponge’s post on Barbara Bestor‘s house, which uses the Woolly Pockets to great effect. I’m pretty sure these would be perfect for renters too!

A Beautiful Life

On my walls

6 June, 2010

Considering that I’m an artist, I have an embarrassingly small collection of art by other people in my house! The above framed drawings were bought a little while ago, but I’ve only just gotten around to finding frames for them. The print on the left is by Catherine Campbell, and the original drawing on the right is by Mel Stringer. Both of these Australian artists really inspire me and now I’m happy to have their work up at home.

Would you like to see the other artworks I have up? Come on a little tour of my dimly lit unit, photographed with a camera that does not like dim lighting!
Continue Reading…


Friday Fance: as yet unnamed

28 May, 2010

Rachel O’Neill‘s velcro pieces are so playful and give me lots of ideas for DIY projects! She creates beautiful pieces on commission for events, but I’d want a large light fitting like this for keeps.

This photo is from decor8, and it’s supposed to be about the wallpaper by Turner Pocock BUT it’s really all about THAT CHAIR. Want. I have a thing for distressed velvet chairs.

My dream car is a Volkswagon Karmann Ghia… look at that gorgeous badge!! This photo was taken by artistic pursuits.

Hello Matt Preston, I love you even more for speaking out against homophobia. This is Oz is a site that promotes diversity and acceptance of GLBT people in Australia. It’s very moving, and I love that football players have stood themselves up and been counted against hateful attitudes!

Dutch photographer (yes, not a painter!) Desiree Dolron’s work is flawlessly stunning. Her portraits are beautiful but you should go to her site and see some of her other work… I’m amazed.