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16 May, 2013

Claim your gold glitter fat necklace in the presale - until May 29

Claim your gold glitter fat necklace in the presale – until May 29

I’ve been busy giving Fancy Lady Industries a complete overhaul, tinkering with its innermost workings and fine tuning the whole shebang so I can bring you new stuff in different ways. The most electrifying development amongst a cast of thrills is GOLD GLITTER fat necklaces! I’m running a presale for this limited edition of the fat necklace until May 29, so go get one.

Detail of my finished version of the Not Your Pin Up embroidery pattern.

Detail of my finished version of the Not Your Pin Up embroidery pattern.

The Fancy Babe paper doll is available as a PDF download. Print, snip, dress!

The Fancy Babe paper doll is available as a PDF download. Print, snip, dress!

While you’re over at the new shop, you might notice there’s a bunch of new things and some of them are available IMMEDIATELY! I’ve designed three embroidery patterns with a distinctly political flavour; each pdf comes with stitch suggestions and diagrams of common stitches so even if you’re new to needle work you can start with confidence. Fancy Babe is the first of a line of printable paper dolls and comes with clothes, hair and shoes so you can mix it up in your cubicle at work.

One of ten unique gem powa art card designs.

One of ten unique gem powa art card designs.

You want more? Ok! You know how I love to doodle when I really shouldn’t? I’ve decided to doodle on cards so you can keep one for yourself or send it to a nice person with lovely words inside it. The current bunch of art cards have bright gem powa designs and are named after cute minerals from the earth.

Burgundy vinyl collar embellished with hand stitched "Fat Doll" and studs.

Burgundy vinyl collar embellished with hand stitched “Fat Doll” and studs.

The last item I’m proud to show you is one of the collars I’ve made. This “Fat Doll” collar is made from burgundy vinyl and backed with felt; I’ve drafted this especially for people with bigger shoulders and necks. It’s a beautiful hand made art piece to embellish your carefully curated fatshion wardrobe.

Go browse the fance
and don’t forget about pre-ordering your gold glitter fat necklace!


One big room full of fat stitches.

12 January, 2013

Four of my Buoyant embroideries and two saying “fat”.

Hello! Welcome to the new year blog, I’m sorry I haven’t been around much to usher you in.

I just thought I’d actually get around to updating about the embroideries I’ve been doing! Over Christmas and New Year I was house sitting at my parents and doing a lot of needlework like a proper lady from a century ago. I’ve listed some of them for sale in my shop and you can go take a look if you want to, and maybe even buy one!


My art needs your walls and vice versa.

21 June, 2011

I’m selling a bunch of my framed original art at a discount for the rest of June! Nick and I are moving down the Gold Coast to live with his Mum and we need to raise money and minimise our possessions. In the last six months I have been on an art-making hiatus and I’m not sure when I’ll be able to return to commissions and my personal creative practice, so this is a really good opportunity to purchase some of my art work.

A photo of one of my framed paintings sitting on a window ledge. A fat woman with big hair pulls needle and thread through a doily heart on her chest.

A detail photo of a painting of a fat lady with big hair full of paisley.

A photo of embroidery in a hoop, taken on an angle. "I hope I made you cry" is embroidered in red thread, and paisley and flower shapes are embroidered in white on a white handkerchief.

A photo of two black framed drawings sitting on an outdoors staircase. Both drawings feature watercolour drips and very intricate ink drawing.

A photo of a white framed drawing sitting on a window sill. The words "Sadness rusts nibs" sit in the centre of a floral and paisley border, drawn with red ink.

All of the work for sale has featured in exhibitions in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne as well as in print publications such as Curvy. The framing is professionally done. I invest hours and hours of work in each of my pieces and hope to embellish your walls!

Fancy Lady Industries

To browse and buy available pieces of original art, come on down to
Fancy Lady Industries


If you want me I’m painting bows on my nails out in the treehouse.

24 September, 2010

Black and white photo of a young pale skinned woman with chin length hair wearing an elaborately layered and embroidered neckpiece (or dress?) with scalloped edges. A rose sits on her left shoulder, she stares at the camera with an unsmilling, but not unkind, face
I love Tumblr for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it introduces me to artists I haven’t come across before. This photograph is the work of Annelise Kretschmer, a German portrait photographer. I love it for the fancy neckpiece/ dress and the expression of the subject because most of us smile for a photograph, it’s instinctual. We’ve been conditioned to smile and put on a happy face because smiling people make for nicer memories I guess; our faces aren’t naturally smiley though. I like unsmiling faces, they are much more natural even if they seem less welcoming (I don’t like drawing smiling women for this reason).

Photograph of a pale skinned hand displaying a manicure where the nail is painted beige (to match the skin tone) and a pink polka-dotted bow sits on the top of each nail.
No real insightful commentary on this hot nail job by WAH Nails of London but I’m gonna give it a go, that’s for sure.

Embroidered drawing on brown fabric of two girls in a bed, one with red hair and the other with brown hair, with a blanket of white lacey fabric drawn right up to their necks.
Another Tumblr find… the embroidery of ¡no confíes en los artístas! on flickr this time. I love embroidery and want to play with it a bit more. The stitches are so small and perfect on this!!!

A photo of a small one room treehouse on stilts in a very lush green forest setting. Lots of potplants sit on the front balcony.
Adding to my collection of dream gardens is one of my favourite things. This little one room treehouse would sit perfectly in my dream mountain house. Perhaps I could use it as my studio? Oooh good idea Natalie, but chuck a comfy chair in there for reading too. This photo was taken by turnintosomething.

A photo of a wall mounted deer head that has been dressed up in a honey coloured wig, earrings and a frilly neckpiece trimmed with pearls.
It’s a fancy deer. I have no words. (Ganked from Jessica’s Tumblr.)


It’s still Friday somewhere in the world

24 July, 2010

An art nouveau era posta for Job cigarette papers in which a young pale skinned woman in a helmet and lots of jewels smokes a cigarette as her hair flicks around her.
One of my favourite artists is Alphonse Mucha, and if you thought this poster looked a lot like his work you’ll be interested to know about Manuel Orazi – the designer of this poster. I love the detail in this, particularly the jewels on the neck of her dress. Gorgeous! Art Nouveau cigarette posters are so beautiful, I’d really love to buy a few prints to hang at home.

A young woman sits on a couch, surrounded by hundreds of brightly frosted cupcakes.
This comes from Vogue Girl Korea, and other than that all I know about this photograph is that it’s part of a shoot for the magazine and features this plus sized model surrounded by food. It’s an image that causes conflict in the old brain hole because
a) yay cupcakes and plus size modesl!
b) heyyyy… we’re still stuck in that stereotype :(
It’s a gorgeous photo at any rate.

A photo of two adjacent walls with two big old windows with a gorgeous view to a green garden.
Dream home porn time! I’m all about gardens that impose on living spaces and this room is right out of my fantasies! I can so imagine sitting on that bench and sketching things or reading books. Apparently this home and garden belong to Michael Trapp – you can see more pictures at Desire to Inspire.

Photo of a young pale skinned young woman with platinum/ purple toned hair.
I think Kelly Osbourne is terribly cute, especially with that hair! Grey hair fascinates me, and even though I’d love to try this hair colour I don’t know if my poor old follicles could handle all the bleach. I do love it though. I hope lots of people go and get grey hair, it’s hot!

Detail photo of an embroidered piece of fabric with a brightly coloured bird sitting in a tree with paisley-like symbols as the foliage.
Birds and paisley and embroidery! I do have a soft spot in my heart for all of these things. I have done a little embroidery recently but I hope I get more time to practice because this is really inspiring. This piece was posted by sarah the pirate whose grandmother actually embroidered it.

You may have noticed…

The site looks a little bit different! I’ve changed the layout a tad and made things a little cleaner (in my opinion!) If you’re reading the feed, come over and take a look.


Revealing my Disband pieces

29 May, 2010

By all accounts the Disband opening went well, and was well-received! Horah to Renee-Anne and Angela for organising another smashing show!

In addition to designing the logo and poster, I exhibited three pieces and now that the show has officially opened I can grant you a looksee too.

There are rooms in this house that I don’t visit anymore. [Purchase]

Thanks for ignoring me. [Purchase]

I hope I made you cry. [Purchase]

I can’t wait to see photos of my work hung! If you’d like to buy a Disband art work you can go shopping at Leeloo.


The final peek at my Disband work

18 May, 2010

I’ve already shown you a sneak peek at a paper cut piece for the Disband exhibition (opening Thursday May 27th, 2010 at aMBUSH gallery), but I thought I’d show you some more photos and elaborate a little on how creating this work for Disband has affected me.

Each piece is markedly different, however the paisley motif is carried throughout. Knowing that the vibe for Disband would be intimate and homely, I wanted to step away from working on paper and create pieces that are a little less, erm, galleryish. So, I decided to apply my portable motif – the paisley – with different media on different supports.

Here’s a work in progress shot of the paper cut piece. The fishnet pattern is emerging as another motif in my work; it’s pretty, curvy and references women who wear fishnet stockings. I like half finished paper cut pieces, they remind me of marble sculptures emerging from a chunk of stone. The text is actually a lyric (an incorrect lyric in all honesty, but it’s the way I actually remember it!) from a Ben Folds Five song called Mess which my ex-boyfriend put on a mix cd as a way to make up for completely obliterating my heart.

I’ve done a few pieces on wood, and I really enjoy how crisp ink looks against the warmth of wood grain. The text on this piece is an homage to the histrionic temper tantrums I had when I had my heart broken. Thanks for ignoring me. Unashamedly passive aggressive, that’s the stuff of break ups!

I am most fond of this piece. I stole my husband’s handkerchief and embroidered a letter to all the people who’ve hurt me. I hope I made you cry: because I need to know that my jabs at you through a veil of tears actually connected!

These pieces reference a hugely formative period in my life. It wasn’t pretty at the time, and it’s been really hard revisiting it. I thought I could scoop the most casual of recollections off the top without getting into the murky stuff underneath but it wasn’t possible. It’s not often that I get super personal on this blog, but I wanted you to know that this work is pretty raw and has a huge dramatic story behind it. Maybe one day I’ll tell you about it, but until then these artifacts exist to speak for me.