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16 May, 2013

Claim your gold glitter fat necklace in the presale - until May 29

Claim your gold glitter fat necklace in the presale – until May 29

I’ve been busy giving Fancy Lady Industries a complete overhaul, tinkering with its innermost workings and fine tuning the whole shebang so I can bring you new stuff in different ways. The most electrifying development amongst a cast of thrills is GOLD GLITTER fat necklaces! I’m running a presale for this limited edition of the fat necklace until May 29, so go get one.

Detail of my finished version of the Not Your Pin Up embroidery pattern.

Detail of my finished version of the Not Your Pin Up embroidery pattern.

The Fancy Babe paper doll is available as a PDF download. Print, snip, dress!

The Fancy Babe paper doll is available as a PDF download. Print, snip, dress!

While you’re over at the new shop, you might notice there’s a bunch of new things and some of them are available IMMEDIATELY! I’ve designed three embroidery patterns with a distinctly political flavour; each pdf comes with stitch suggestions and diagrams of common stitches so even if you’re new to needle work you can start with confidence. Fancy Babe is the first of a line of printable paper dolls and comes with clothes, hair and shoes so you can mix it up in your cubicle at work.

One of ten unique gem powa art card designs.

One of ten unique gem powa art card designs.

You want more? Ok! You know how I love to doodle when I really shouldn’t? I’ve decided to doodle on cards so you can keep one for yourself or send it to a nice person with lovely words inside it. The current bunch of art cards have bright gem powa designs and are named after cute minerals from the earth.

Burgundy vinyl collar embellished with hand stitched "Fat Doll" and studs.

Burgundy vinyl collar embellished with hand stitched “Fat Doll” and studs.

The last item I’m proud to show you is one of the collars I’ve made. This “Fat Doll” collar is made from burgundy vinyl and backed with felt; I’ve drafted this especially for people with bigger shoulders and necks. It’s a beautiful hand made art piece to embellish your carefully curated fatshion wardrobe.

Go browse the fance
and don’t forget about pre-ordering your gold glitter fat necklace!


One big room full of fat stitches.

12 January, 2013

Four of my Buoyant embroideries and two saying “fat”.

Hello! Welcome to the new year blog, I’m sorry I haven’t been around much to usher you in.

I just thought I’d actually get around to updating about the embroideries I’ve been doing! Over Christmas and New Year I was house sitting at my parents and doing a lot of needlework like a proper lady from a century ago. I’ve listed some of them for sale in my shop and you can go take a look if you want to, and maybe even buy one!


Fancy Lady Industries: nose ring to the grindstone.

13 June, 2012

A graphic with "The fance is back" in hand lettering, with three thumbnails images of original artworks, fine art prints and a set of matryoshka dolls. There's also a sneaky 10% discount code - OUCH10.

Last night I brought Fancy Lady Industries back online after a six week break, that is… after I broke my ankle. I’ve stocked the store with a couple of new and interesting things, too! Most notably, the art prints I’ve been promising for many months are finally available to pre-order! I put up the five most popular pieces in the recent poll, but I will also be adding Lip Licker and Glutton in the next few hours (probably tomorrow morning because I’m pooped!)

Shop with Fancy Lady Industries before all the original art pieces are gone!

In more news, my moon boot has come off, Nick was hospitalised for a bad ear infection, and we moved into our new house! I’m going to try to blog through all my home decorating fever, but I doubt it’ll be terribly exciting… unless you like decorating on a budget. We’ve already almost completely ripped out our tiny courtyard garden in preparation for making it Miffy friendly, with room for veggies and herbs!


Fatshion Femmepire, Arise!

3 July, 2011

Image - a graphic of photos of the clothes I’m selling and the Fancy Lady Industries logo. “Fatshion Femmepire” is written in blue.

I’m selling clothes in anticipation of moving down the coast, and also because some just don’t fit! I’ll probably be listing a few more things like shoes and accessories over the coming days so keep an eye out.

There are lots of dresses (including some rare vintage plus size), jackets, and sought-after Beth Ditto for Evans pieces!

Go and shop my wardrobe (which looks curiously like a staircase, indeed!)

For Sale

Tshirts, stickers and gym bags!

22 July, 2010

Image of Red Bubble products with fat positive statements.

Just a quick post to alert everyone to the fact that I’ve finally updated my Red Bubble account with recent work. Horah! I was intentionally holding off until I could afford to fund my own print venture but it’s not going to happen for another few months at least so I thought I’d throw them on Red Bubble in the meanwhile. I also added some fat positive designs you can buy in tshirt, hoody or sticker form!

Image of cafepress products: two black tshirts and a gym bag.
Because Red Bubble do not offer womens’ plus sizes I have also started a Cafe Press store, where you can buy a fat positive gym bag if you’re a subversive fatty ;)

Now go forth and desensitise people to the “f word”!

For Sale

Fripperies for sale

25 March, 2010

Fancy Lady Industries

EDIT 15 April 2010
I have created a proper shop to sell these items so we don’t have to go through the old fashioned invoice thing. Horah! Go over this way for the Fancy Lady Industries shop.

I have been planning for a long time to sell the various bits and pieces I have made in the last few months. Today I’m glad to announce that I will be having a garage sale in my blog to celebrate the beginning of Fancy Lady Industries!

If you see something you’d like to buy please comment with the item number, your Paypal email address and the country you live in and I will formulate the postage and invoice you for the total. You can also email me your Paypal address and the items you’d like to purchase.

Postage will be calculated based on where you live, and it’s recommended that you opt for insurance if you are purchasing artworks because I can’t be held responsible for the slip ups of Australia Post. I can probably ship all over the world too, so don’t let distance get in the way!

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