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Watching as the locals pass silver balls…

4 October, 2012

It would be remiss of me not to include a lyric from Ben Fold’s “Adelaide” about the city we just got back from visiting for our niece’s wedding. We didn’t actually pass the silver balls in Rundle Mall on this trip (and it’s been over a decade since I’ve done it!) because we were in the Barossa region north east-ish of Adelaide. Sadly, this post is silver ball free but it is enriched with the soothing power of grapes.

Collage (clockwise) of blue sky through wisteria vines; wisteria flowers; and an arched window sitting in a wall covered in vines.

We went to six wineries on our day trip, but the most memorable and photographic was Seppeltsfield. Featuring an amazing range of ports that Nick partook in tasting (I stole sips) the winery also boasts 100 year old ports! We got the opportunity to smell 1910’s vintage and I swear it smelt like a sexy lady. I honestly can’t think of any other way to describe the rich perfumey scent! After elbowing in on the port tasting I’m beginning to think I may just be a port drinker after all.

Me peeking through wisteria vines wrapping around a rotunda.

Six HUGE barrels of wine, each about the size of an elephant torso.

A bottle of 100 year old port in a wooden presentation box.

Myself, standing amongst grape vines, arms outstretched and enthralled with my first encounter with a wild bunny.

We ventured back to the Barossa for the main attraction, our niece’s wedding, held in the garden of Lyndoch Hill which contains a ridiculous amount of rose plants (reportedly over 30,000!) Many of the roses were in bloom, but the bulk of the garden wasn’t and while disappointing, I’m sure it’ll look absolutely incredible whenever the roses do decide to pop out.

Jacqui and Kris surrounded by family and friends on their wedding day.

After the garden wedding was crowned by late afternoon sun peeking through the branches and the clouds, we headed up to the hall for delicious food and wine, meeting new people and singing raucously to The Righteous Brothers as we waited for our dinner! It was a lovely day to celebrate Jacqui and Kris and I feel so blessed to have been there to witness it.


Ankledale, or our only holiday photos.

16 May, 2012

A photo of Sonya and I walking in the mid distance along a path beside an old building.

I’ve only just gotten around to pulling the photos from our holiday off the camera, and unsurprisingly there weren’t that many! We did take photos of the little bit of time we spent in Armidale visiting the lovely Sonya so I will share a few here for you.

[Warning: Animated gif at the end of this post.]

Sonya on the swingset.

Sonya and I laughing/ posing for outfit photos.

A duotone photo of clusters of hydrangeas.

A duotone photo of vines growing over an old building with lens flares.

Sonya and I walking away from an archway in an old building.

Keep in mind these were taken after I fell over! I was walking around on my broken ankle for a few hours, eep. A significant length of time was spent recooperating on a swingset and talking to a couple of kids about how awesome Minecraft is.

Animated gif of Sonya and I swinging on a swingset.


Outfit post: GC style.

29 January, 2011

Let me show you some photos of our Gold Coast holiday! We booked two nights at The Phoenician on need it now at an amazing rate. I don’t even care if this sounds like a sponsored post because we honestly wouldn’t have been able to afford it any other way.
Photo standing on a balcony looking into a bunch of seaside high rise apartments.
The hotel was right in the main part of Broadbeach, which is just down the road from Surfer’s Paradise. We didn’t feel like staying in Surfer’s because of the Australia Day holiday; Cavill Mall just gets too scary!

A zoomed in photo of a hotel with a sky blue horizon pool facing the mall, surrounded  by lush gardens.
Even though the pools at The Phoenician are lovely, I was so jealous of this pool across the road. Horizon pools fascinate me, and when they’re used properly they can be really cool. In this case the pool overlooked the mall. Amazing!

Photo of me wearing a blue swimsuit with my arms thrown in the air and a joyful grin on my face.
Months ago Frances at Corpulent posted Two Piece Swimsuit, Two Middle Fingers and since then I’ve wanted to post a photo in my swimsuit but never got round to it. I bought this tankini swim set from Ezibuy because it was on sale and I needed new togs, and luckily I got to christen them when we went away. I love swimming. I’ve always felt at home in the water and it really annoys me that there’s such a stigma around swimsuits and bodies, it gets in the way of having swimming fun!

I’m very sorry I didn’t get a photo of the pools at our hotel, but I was too busy swimming :P

Photo of me (from the hips upward) standing against a white wall wearing a black and white striped tee with a half doily porcelain brooch.
I couldn’t swim the whole time, no I had to get out of the pool for sushi at some stage.

Outfit photo of me standing on a balcony wearing a black and white striped tee with black jeans.
And here’s the whole outfit. It’s nice going to new places to take outfit photos… wish I could afford it all the time!

T-shirt: New Look
Jeans: Sara
Shoes: Softspots
Necklace: ebay
Brooch: gift from Sonya

A Beautiful Life

So this is Festivus, and what have I done?

23 December, 2010

Today is the 23rd of December, the day that people like me celebrate Festivus! I haven’t put up a tree for the last few years because I’m kind of grinchy and I hate tinsel. If you read my last post you’ll know I’m not a huge fan of consumerism, and you’ll be correct in assuming that my disdain is especially strong at this time of year when the air is thick with the fug of spruikers and carpark rage.
Photo of a pole wrapped in tin foil and standing up with brown paper wrapped presents at the bottom of it.
Today I put up my Festivus pole and while it’s not a true aluminium pole it’s still in keeping with the austere spirit of the day because it’s recycled; I used the cardboard tube from a bolt of fabric and wrapped it in tin foil. Despite its ad hoc nature it does have an impressive strength to weight ratio.
Photo of lots of brown paper wrapped presents with blue and green wool wrapped around them like ribbon.
In keeping with my frugal nature, all the gifts we give are wrapped in brown paper but I’ve also wrapped them in the wool I bought when I was convinced I was going to crochet every day for the rest of my life. (I have managed to make two hats and a scarf.)
A voucher that says "Happy Festivus. To celebrate the holiday season, a charitable donation has been made in your name to: The Human Fund. Money for People". There's also a photo of me in animal print togs photoshopped onto a large inflatable swan in a pool.
But the gift giving isn’t just restricted to my immediate family, no! I have also made a charitable donation in all of your names to The Human Fund. People love money and I’m sure they are grateful for this most benevolent present.

Festivus has a number of traditions, and one of my favourites is The Airing of Grievances. Considering our household only has two people, well, it can get a bit petty… but traditions are traditions. At dinner I plan on expressing to Nick in the most plainest of words how annoyed I am when he leaves the dishcloth in the sink and misplaces my possessions. I have other grievances to air but I’m not going to plan this speech, I’m comfortable with winging it.
A photoshopped photo of a pair of wrestlers. My head is pasted on the woman who is holding a man with Nick's head across her shoulders.
After dinner we’ll enjoy Feats of Strength, however since we’re a pretty egalitarian household the bout might require some negotiation. You see, Festivus can only come to a close when the head of the household’s skull is pinned to the floor and since Nick and I both consider ourselves to be the boss Festivus might drag on all year!

PS: Love you Nick!
PPS: I hope everyone enjoys their respective holidays!

A Beautiful Life

Melbourne highlights

28 February, 2010

Chinese New Year
We wandered across the Chinese New Year parade, featuring lions! I think these are way more adorable than the Sunnybank Chinese New Year lions of my youth :P

Mushroom and vegetable dumplings
Dumplings from the Camy Shanghai Dumpling House – so delicious and cheap too!

Choukette yums
A raspberry amandine from Choukette. I love that place!

Melbourne Zoo
A white-cheeked gibbon at the Melbourne Zoo. She was my favourite animal there because she was so intriguing.

Cocktails at 1806 – you must go and have a few historical cocktails. It’s educational and drunkening! I can’t speak highly enough of the staff, they were absolutely joyous to watch at work and looked after us superbly.

The so-called "definatalieTUB"
The Carlton Club is also great for a few drinks. Check out the fancy decor! We also went upstairs to the rooftop bar and had an awesome time with Melbourne buddies.

Melbourne ephemera
Some other stuff that’s good (clockwise from top left): card from the Peta Pledger brooch I bought from Meet Me At Mikes; Shanghai Dumpling House card; bag from Koko Black that contained four delicious chocolates; vege2vo card; Corky St Clair card (fantastic jewellery & screenprinted stuff); the actual Peta Pledger love birds brooch; card from Babushkas; card from Cafe Rosamond; our tickets from the Tram Museum; and the brooch I bought from Babushkas.

I’m sorry I missed out on the Friday Fance this week, but there are a few sad things going on in my family at the moment and I’m also very busy with my commissions. I hope you can forgive me.

A Beautiful Life

Loving Melbourne trams

22 February, 2010

Yes, Nick and I are back and you can expect a solid week of swooning over Melbourne stuff. But first… the trams. I never thought I’d be so enamored of a public transportation system but after a week of catching several trams daily my love is for sure. We even went to the Hawthorn Tram Depot on our first day in town – mostly because Nick is an avid rail fan, but after seeing the beauty in the old lettering and typography on these finely crafted machines I was won over.

Melbourne Tram Museum
Check out all the photos I took at the museum on flickr.

In the collage I did up the top you’ll see a card featuring one of the destination blinds from the old trams, designed and printed by Poulier + Poulier Design; a handmade tram pillow by Mrs Beckinsale featured in this month’s frankie magazine; and a diecast toy tram by Traffic Toys.

A Beautiful Life

Happy anniversary!

19 April, 2009

The Wedding

A year ago Nick and I got married at Newstead Park! I love looking back at our wedding photos which were shot by Kate. Especially because she got moments like this one – after I stood in dog crap barefoot and Nick cleaned it off for me!

Anniversary mosaic!

Yes there were nicer moments too, but I think the funny moments really capture exactly what Nick and I are like!

Mt Tamborine holiday

A few days ago we went to the mountains to celebrate, kind of like what we did after the wedding except we went down the coast this time to Mt Tamborine. It was lovely, but I wasn’t anywhere near as impressed with our accommodation as I was last time. Highlights included: Curtis and Cedar Creek Falls and the glowworms at Cedar Creek Estate!

Photo by milkthebasic.

I am just in love with glowworms now – and if you go see them, do be sure not to take any white light into their habitat as it kills them! Just cover your torch (or camera display) with red cellophane ;) I couldn’t take any photos while I was in the cave at the estate, but their “traps” have snared my imagination, they are like the most beautiful jewellery!


Melbourne street art

2 January, 2009

Hosier Lane

We’re back! Nick and I just adored Melbourne… we were thinking about moving down earlier last (!) year but this trip really confirmed it for us. The weather was perfect – it really felt like a Brisbane winter down there, funnily enough.

I took photos of the work on a few laneways… I wish I could contribute to them. Maybe in time ;)

Union Lane

Union Lane

Union Lane

Union Lane

Union Lane

Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane

Rutledge Lane

Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane

A Beautiful Life

Amelie’s Petite Maison – Our petite honeymoon

28 April, 2008

I want to share some photos I took of the amazing cottage we stayed at last week. It’s located in Montville, Queensland which is a two hourish drive north of Brisbane. It is part of a bed & breakfast adorably named The Spotted Chook and is fully self contained, overlooking a lush cluster of hills and trees – the best part is that you can sit in the spa on the balcony and appreciate the serenity! The cottage was decorated in a beautiful French country rustic style and was just the most fabulous place I have ever laid my head.

The entrance is soooo cute! Continue Reading…