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Public knowledge/ private performances.

10 October, 2012

At first I wanted to draw empowering pictures but then I realised they were empty, almost lies. I’ve been avoiding my real self my whole life because I thought I wasn’t suitable. Confession is familiar, it keeps me in the dark; now I feel like it’s time to live transparently so I am drawing my secrets as if they were common knowledge.

Instagram of a pad with watercolour splotches and the text “Why would anyone choose to be ugly? Who gets to choose to be ugly?”

Watercolour and ink drawing of a fat white lady (me) in a ratty black bra and grey undies looking unsympathetic. Text says “Not for you.”

Watercolour and ink drawing of a fat white lady (me) wearing a green polka dot dress and sweating profusely, fanning herself with a notebook and wiping sweat from her brow.

Sometimes I’m astounded and depressed that we still have to talk about the male gaze.


Poll: Prints! Which ones would you like to purchase?

22 May, 2012

A dodgy panorama photo of lots of my recent drawings laid out on my bed.

You’ve been asking for prints for months and months and now I think I’m ready to deliver! Before I go ahead and order prints, it’d be really helpful to get an idea of which prints people would purchase and how many I should order.

You can vote as many times as you want, but please keep in mind that you should only check off art work that you’d buy pieces of (otherwise I’ll be ordering way too much and that will make me poor and sad!)

[polldaddy poll=”6249372″]

A watercolour and ink illustration of a white skinned woman wearing an assortment of pastry delicacies on her head in place of hair as she licks her upper lip.

Your sharp eye might have noticed a new drawing, or rather, a new version of an existing sketch! I illustrated Pastry Queen on A3 paper, adding even more pastries to her crusty bouffant.

If you are interested in buying any of the original art pieces, I’m open to selling them too. I’ve had interest for a number of pieces so I will be giving dibs to those who are first in!
A5 pieces are $140
A4 pieces are $210
A3 pieces are $280
Contact me here and let me know which piece of art you’d like to buy. (Postage and handling is extra.)

I’m not yet sure how much prints will cost but they will definitely be affordable. I can’t wait!

Don’t forget to sign up to the Fancy Lady Industries mailing list to find out when I reopen the shop and get prints in stock!


Resolving things.

19 May, 2012

A pencil sketch of a fat lady wearing a ruffly top and knickerbockers.

Lately I’ve been looking through my sketchbooks and revisiting bits and pieces of drawings that I want to resolve to a point where I’m a bit happier with them. This fat lady sketch is from maybe 1-2 years ago when I was fascinated by fat lady sideshow performers.

A watercolour and ink illustration of a fat white skinned lady wearing a pink ruffly top and knickerbockers. A banner behind her says, "World's fattest lady... doesn't give a fuck."

And this is my resolved drawing. It only took… uh, forever! I changed her face so she looks more smug ;)


Fat Cows and Strangers.

17 May, 2012

A watercolour and ink illustration of a fat person with a cow head wearing a floral dress and platform heels in some kind of glamorous running pose. A daisy strewn banner overhead says Fat Cow.

A watercolour and ink illustration of an orange and pink haired woman who is sticking her tongue out. Surrounding her are lots of small objects, like hamburgers and rainbows and narwhals and what not. A banner down the bottom says A Stranger on the Internet.


Four things I did in recent weeks.

21 April, 2012

A watercolour and ink illustration of a teal haired fat babe's face with a languorous expression, dripping blush and lipstick and a donut necklace that says "Glutton". Various fat related insults fill the rest of the paper.

A watercolour and ink self portrait as I hold a pink iced donut up to one eye like a monocle.

A watercolour and ink illustration of a babe with fluro yellow hair (who looks like me, ha!) that contains the words "hard fance". Their make up is bold and they wear a bra with lots of tattoos that include a femme alien, a donut/ licorice/ doily/ leg chestpiece, lipstick and a milkshake.

A watercolour and ink illustration of a green/ purple gradient haired babe with braids and eyelashes so long they can be braided around their head.


Revealing my Disband pieces

29 May, 2010

By all accounts the Disband opening went well, and was well-received! Horah to Renee-Anne and Angela for organising another smashing show!

In addition to designing the logo and poster, I exhibited three pieces and now that the show has officially opened I can grant you a looksee too.

There are rooms in this house that I don’t visit anymore. [Purchase]

Thanks for ignoring me. [Purchase]

I hope I made you cry. [Purchase]

I can’t wait to see photos of my work hung! If you’d like to buy a Disband art work you can go shopping at Leeloo.


The final peek at my Disband work

18 May, 2010

I’ve already shown you a sneak peek at a paper cut piece for the Disband exhibition (opening Thursday May 27th, 2010 at aMBUSH gallery), but I thought I’d show you some more photos and elaborate a little on how creating this work for Disband has affected me.

Each piece is markedly different, however the paisley motif is carried throughout. Knowing that the vibe for Disband would be intimate and homely, I wanted to step away from working on paper and create pieces that are a little less, erm, galleryish. So, I decided to apply my portable motif – the paisley – with different media on different supports.

Here’s a work in progress shot of the paper cut piece. The fishnet pattern is emerging as another motif in my work; it’s pretty, curvy and references women who wear fishnet stockings. I like half finished paper cut pieces, they remind me of marble sculptures emerging from a chunk of stone. The text is actually a lyric (an incorrect lyric in all honesty, but it’s the way I actually remember it!) from a Ben Folds Five song called Mess which my ex-boyfriend put on a mix cd as a way to make up for completely obliterating my heart.

I’ve done a few pieces on wood, and I really enjoy how crisp ink looks against the warmth of wood grain. The text on this piece is an homage to the histrionic temper tantrums I had when I had my heart broken. Thanks for ignoring me. Unashamedly passive aggressive, that’s the stuff of break ups!

I am most fond of this piece. I stole my husband’s handkerchief and embroidered a letter to all the people who’ve hurt me. I hope I made you cry: because I need to know that my jabs at you through a veil of tears actually connected!

These pieces reference a hugely formative period in my life. It wasn’t pretty at the time, and it’s been really hard revisiting it. I thought I could scoop the most casual of recollections off the top without getting into the murky stuff underneath but it wasn’t possible. It’s not often that I get super personal on this blog, but I wanted you to know that this work is pretty raw and has a huge dramatic story behind it. Maybe one day I’ll tell you about it, but until then these artifacts exist to speak for me.


Review of Pilot Parallel Pens

22 July, 2009

JetPens booty!

So for a while I’ve been yearning to do calligraphy. I have a couple of books already, but I was confused as to what sort of pen I should buy first. Also, money was an issue, ha. When I found a bit of extra money in my PayPal account I decided to have a look around JetPens (my favourite pen store!) because I needed to stock up on Pilot Hi-Tec-C pens. I came across the Pilot Parallel Pen and was intrigued… after some intense googling I decided that these were to be the pens I would start with! Lots of people rave about these pens and say that they are excellent for both beginners and professionals, however the most crucial factor in my purchase was cost – they are an awesome buy at US$11 each!

I had been anxiously awaiting my package from JetPens for over a week, and today I went down to check the mail and saw one of those yellow missed delivery slips just sitting on the top of the letterbox for the whole unit complex. Peering at the name on the slip, I nearly cried when I saw it was for me! The delivery person had mis-read the unit number on the address, and attempted delivery two days ago to the wrong unit. Boo! I’m glad that the residents of the other unit put the slip out for me to claim, even if there was a risk of it flying away. I’d been getting anxious!

6.0mm Pilot Parallel Pen – for this review I used the black ink

3.8mm Pilot Parallel Pen – using the red ink

The Parallel Pen is so named because the ink flows through two parallel plates. I’m not sure how other calligraphy pens work, but this is genius to me! The ink flows SO quickly and smoothly, I was quite surprised. Though one (small) continued annoyance is that I have to hold the pen at precisely the right angle in order to get a decent looking line without any gaps. I am a total noob, so hopefully this gets better as I get better!

Pilot Parallel Pens

The other thing is that the Pilot ink doesn’t work very well with plain old cartridge paper – as you can see here, there’s feathering and bleeding all over the place.

Pilot Parallel Pens

When I moved to a scrap of Arches Aquarelle paper, the result was much prettier. I just have to make sure I get my angles right! You can turn the pen and write with a corner of the nib for a very fine line, something I was quite chuffed to learn! Just make sure you’re using a sturdy paper because it ploughed through the cartridge paper when I tried it!

Pilot Parallel Pens

Another delightful thing about this pen is the Pilot mixable ink! I bought a packet of a bunch of colours, and I’m looking forward to trying them out when my penmanship improves :P To mix the colours you just press the nibs of two pens (filled with different coloured ink) together for a few seconds, and then write! You can see that even after most of the black has been wicked out, it still hangs around. I’d suggest cleaning the nib as soon as possible to avoid muddied ink colours. I bought some Noodler’s Bulletproof ink based on a few glowing recommendations, but I think I might end up using that on my drawings mostly!

Pilot Parallel Pens

I’m pretty pleased with my purchase… now’s the fun part – improving my hard core calligraphy skills. I’m fairly convinced that Pilot are my favourite pen makers right now!