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Cakes, puzzles, potions and ladies

20 August, 2010

A puzzle that looks to be of sky and mountains but explodes with the colour of lots of different flowers.
I’ve seen images like this around for the past few days but it wasn’t until I visited Kent Rogowski‘s site that I understood that he’d actually made a series of combining different jigsaw puzzles. Apparently you can mix different puzzles within the same brand together because they’re cut using the same die… the more I know!

A cute small ceramic cake stand with holes so you can thread a ribbon through the edge.
I’m sure I’ve posted the lovely work of Vessels and Wares before but when I saw this adorable cake stand I knew I had to include it in this week’s fance. I love how you can thread your own ribbon through the holes in the stand and match it to your cake decoration!

A vintage photograph from the 40s (I think!?) of four fat women looking on as another fat woman steps onto a giant scale. They're all wearing matching baby-doll dresses and bows in their hair.
With the benefit of lots of time distancing me from this era, I can look at this photo and do a little air punch because it’s a pretty rad sight. But in reality, were these women just sideshow spectacles? I can’t find any info on this photograph through Tin Eye so I’m going to recognise the potentially problematic past while still admiring these fabulous women.

A photo of very old bottles and containers with aged labels that claim the contents to be remedies.
Slang from Chaos is one of my new favourite blogs because it’s just a barrage of awesome looking images. This awesome looking image in particular is fabulous because I love old packaging, especially on potions and lotions!

A set of matryoshka dolls each painted to look like the four women on Golden Girls.
Let’s not tarnish this incredible moment with words. All you need to know is that Ginger Williams created this, for you.


A feminist post, accidentally on purpose?

28 December, 2009

This chart for discerning a wife’s wifeliness just popped up in my dashboard on Tumblr, and I had a little giggle about it and though I should post it here for some lite blog content over the holiday period. I thought I should credit the original source, The Art of Manliness, because that’s the polite thing to do.

At the blog, I found the husband’s version of the chart but also a whole pile of “What about Teh Mens” crying. I’m sorry that society was holding you to the standard that you should rightly be held today, while women were forced to pander to your every whim but now can rightfully tell you to sod off!

So I apologise that it isn’t entirely light-hearted content, but I still wanted to post it regardless! And just for fun, I added up just how wifely I am, and got a -6. WOO!


The time I nearly lost my purse to Rackham

12 May, 2008

When I posted my entry about the beautiful Amelie’s Petite Maison, I mentioned the Eumundi Markets and the story that I had to tell about our visit on that particular trip. On our visits to the Sunshine Coast, we seem to have fallen in to the habit of checking out the markets and luckily for us, we were staying mid-week so we could scope out the Wednesday morning market action. The markets are awesome, with lots of local makers, bakers, growers and sellers, and they totally beat any market I’ve seen happening in Brisbane for sheer scale and quality of the items available.

On this particular Wednesday morning, my husband (that’s still weird!) and I had strolled through almost the whole markets without spending very much, as we’d totally blasted our credit card and available cash money in the lead up to the wedding. And then I clapped my eyes on an amazing colour plate from an early Snugglepot and Cuddlepie printing, and it was all over.

Aleta Jansen, proprietor of awesome vintage ephemera
Aleta Jansen with a stunningly framed Tenniel illustration of the White Rabbit.

I spent the first five minutes gasping at everything I lay my eyes on… there were illustrations from so many children’s books that I grew up with (vintage books that belonged to my mother and my aunties and uncles). I was literally biting my knuckle as the proprietor, Aleta, came up to greet me. We struck up an amazing conversation with both of us talking about beautiful books and artists and illustrations. She kept tempting me with illustrations, like the beautiful Beardsley pieces; however when she found out about my love for Alice in Wonderland, my Achilles heel had been struck.

On the back wall were Arthur Rackham illustrations from the 1907 printing of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I am pretty tough, but tears sprung to my eyes! Rackham’s illustrations have entranced me for the longest time. Unfortunately, we just didn’t have the cash to buy one of these beautiful pieces that were framed so lovingly however, there were a few smaller (and again, wonderfully framed) Alice pieces by John Tenniel from 1910, and while I don’t have the same emotional connection with Tenniel, they illustrate key points of the Wonderland story that have played in my mind since childhood.

These two illustrations from CHAPTER VIII: The Queen’s Croquet-Ground were the pieces we ended up buying. Ever since I was a kid, I was entranced by the thought of a woman who could intimidate people so much that they’d literally paint white roses red just to make her happy; and of course, the croquet match itself, with the flamingos and hedgehogs – we played mock croquet for our wedding photos, so I had to choose this one as well!

Aleta and her husband were in the process of putting up a website in order to sell her wonderful collection of ephemera, so I had wanted to hold out until was online before posting this entry. I checked again tonight, and they have put up a front page so hopefully this means a fully functional site is not too far away. Please bookmark it and check back in the future, because she has a formidable wealth of knowledge about books and illustration, and is very skilled at tracking specific things down for her clients.

Let it also be a lesson to those of us who have had very old books in our possession with delicious illustrations from the ye olde times, but let them fall into disrepair or thrown them out. You could’ve been sitting on a goldmine! Indeed the early printings of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie are worth a mint!


Take a peek at my Mum’s card collection!

16 January, 2008

I am really super duper stupid busy right now with freelance, commissions, wedding planning etc. I thought I’d be nice and post some vintage ephemera for you all to enjoy!

My mum has an awesome collection of all the cards she has ever been given. From her birth til now – including her 21st birthday cards and wedding and engagement cards. She got them all out for me yesterday and I snapped some pictures with my phone camera. I grew up being influenced by illustrations like these!!! I just wanted to be able to share these pretty cards with everyone, because I’ve always loved them.

Mum's Card Stash

Mum's Card Stash

Mum's Card Stash

Mum's Card Stash

Mum's Card Stash

Mum's Card Stash
This is one of the most special things in there. It’s a card, hand screen printed, by one of mum and dad’s friends Sieg.

Mum's Card Stash
He also made this mulberry paper himself! It was used to wrap their engagement present. I nearly wet my pants when I saw it yesterday, it’s in such nice condition!

Unfortunately, mum has stuck all these cards in the scrap book, which means they aren’t in mint condition, which is sad :(

If you want to see more, head on over to the set on flickr.