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Watching as the locals pass silver balls…

4 October, 2012

It would be remiss of me not to include a lyric from Ben Fold’s “Adelaide” about the city we just got back from visiting for our niece’s wedding. We didn’t actually pass the silver balls in Rundle Mall on this trip (and it’s been over a decade since I’ve done it!) because we were in the Barossa region north east-ish of Adelaide. Sadly, this post is silver ball free but it is enriched with the soothing power of grapes.

Collage (clockwise) of blue sky through wisteria vines; wisteria flowers; and an arched window sitting in a wall covered in vines.

We went to six wineries on our day trip, but the most memorable and photographic was Seppeltsfield. Featuring an amazing range of ports that Nick partook in tasting (I stole sips) the winery also boasts 100 year old ports! We got the opportunity to smell 1910’s vintage and I swear it smelt like a sexy lady. I honestly can’t think of any other way to describe the rich perfumey scent! After elbowing in on the port tasting I’m beginning to think I may just be a port drinker after all.

Me peeking through wisteria vines wrapping around a rotunda.

Six HUGE barrels of wine, each about the size of an elephant torso.

A bottle of 100 year old port in a wooden presentation box.

Myself, standing amongst grape vines, arms outstretched and enthralled with my first encounter with a wild bunny.

We ventured back to the Barossa for the main attraction, our niece’s wedding, held in the garden of Lyndoch Hill which contains a ridiculous amount of rose plants (reportedly over 30,000!) Many of the roses were in bloom, but the bulk of the garden wasn’t and while disappointing, I’m sure it’ll look absolutely incredible whenever the roses do decide to pop out.

Jacqui and Kris surrounded by family and friends on their wedding day.

After the garden wedding was crowned by late afternoon sun peeking through the branches and the clouds, we headed up to the hall for delicious food and wine, meeting new people and singing raucously to The Righteous Brothers as we waited for our dinner! It was a lovely day to celebrate Jacqui and Kris and I feel so blessed to have been there to witness it.


Dearest Womby, my Schmicko.

19 April, 2011

A photo of Nick and I dancing at our wedding reception. I'm wearing a red silk dress with bronze pleated organza and beaded flowers around my neckline and Nick wears a cream vest, red tie and white shirt.

Happy third wedding anniversary to my lovely Schmicko! I still can’t believe it’s been three years since that gorgeous night we got married with our friends and family around us. I was the sort of woman who didn’t think she’d get married. It just wasn’t on my radar. Even though Nick and I had been going out for years and were living together at the time it was the hugest surprise when he asked me and I said yes, in tears!

Thanks for being a wonderful friend and partner, I really didn’t think I’d ever manage to pair up with someone so fabulous and when we did I initially couldn’t believe it. Now it’s easier to believe but I still have moments when I pinch myself!

Here’s what we danced to on that night –

The Man I Love by Billie Holiday

Perfect by Fairground Attraction

A Beautiful Life, Fashion

My sister’s wedding

2 October, 2010

My sister got married yesterday (which is why the desktop isn’t up yet, sorry!) so I want to share some photos with you. Where my wedding was more unconventional in its styling, Michelle and Jordan’s wedding was more traditional with the big white dress and veil as well as dark suits for the groom and his men. Lemme just wack the photos up so I don’t bore you :P

Collage of four photos, clockwise from left: Four girls all standing or sitting getting their hair done; macro photo of pink ruffle detail; a fancy fame, and some hair clips sitting on the table; macro photo of the bridal bouquet consisting of white and pink flowers.
Collage of four photos, clockwise from left: Michelle in her big white strapless wedding dress with looong veil standing with Mum and Dad; Michelle turning around with a shocked look on her face; the groomsmen, groom and MC standing around under a tree wearing smart dark suits, photo of the leaf strewn muddy ground with petals scattered around.
Collage of three photos, clockwise from top: Panoramic photo of the bridal party arriving, hedges block a little of the view; Michelle walking down the aisle with Dad, arms interlinked; Jordan (the groom) looking at the arriving party and smiling.
Collage of five photos, clockwise from left: Photo of the bottoms of the bride's white dress and veil, and the bridesmaids' pink and white ombre dresses, Michelle and Jordan holding hands facing each other with the celebrant (my godmother!) standing in front of them; Michelle in front of the Storey Bridge; the bride and groom standing against the Brisbane River and buildings in the CBD; the bride and groom signing the papers with the bridal party standing behind them.
Collage of five photos, clockwise from left: Michelle wearing Groucho Marx glasses with the fuzzy eyebrows and moustache; me wearing Micky Mouse ears; Misho, one of the bridesmaids, dancing with my brother Sam; Michelle and Jordan cutting their cake; the couple dancing the bridal waltz.
Collage of four photos, clockwise from left: Full outfit photo of me wearing a shiny black dress and bolero, black shoes with an ankle strap, and a black clutch; with Nick; head and shoulders photo of me, my hair and make up were done professionally and my hair is curly, my eyes are dark with bronze while my lips are nude; and close up of my nails painted pale pink with pink bows on the tip, I've got a chunky black ring with blue accents and a rhinestone.
Of course you want to know what I wore, am I right? Here are the details:
Dress: Collection from Myer (Thank you to Kiki for sending it to me!)
Bolero: City Chic
Shoes: Evans
Necklace and clutch: borrowed from Mum
Bracelets: City Chic
Rings: City Chic and Evans
Nails: MOI!

If foot agony is the measure of a good night let’s just say Michelle and Jordan’s reception scored off the charts and required an ice bath followed by a warm water bath (and many tears.) There are so many more photos I wanted to share but I didn’t want to bombard you with my (potentially boring) family stuff, but I really wanted to blog about this happy occasion!

I’ll endeavour to get the desktop up tomorrow, but ALSO! I got my Beth Ditto stuff from Evans finally… I haven’t had a second to try the polka dot dress, silver mary-janes or the grey skirt on yet, but I LOVE the drapey black t-shirt. I can’t even describe it.


Maxi-dress for a country wedding

30 March, 2010

A country(ish) wedding outfit

I wore this to my cousin’s wedding on Saturday which was held in some beautiful venues half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The church was positioned in the middle of cane fields, and paired with the magnificent blue sky and the fluffy clouds it was the perfect day! The reception was at the Historic Rivermill – check out that gorgeous greenery and the Coomera River behind me in the photo!

Dress: City Chic
Necklace: Tree of Life
Sunglasses: Giant Vintage
Shoes: Evans (Somewhere under the dress!)

Amy & Scott's wedding
I wasn’t joking when I said it was perfect!

Amy & Scott's wedding
I would very much like for this to be in my backyard.


Friday Fance: Butterflies & absinthe

19 March, 2010

This photograph of Edwardian actress Phyllis Monkman is breathtakingly beautiful. I wish I had a costume like that to muck around in!

I’m not a huge ice cream fan, but I adore how this has been displayed. The flavours include: black sesame, lanvender, melon, sweet adzuki bean, green tea and miso. Photo by M Harrison.

I love posters from the turn of the century, and this one in particular is gorgeous. You can check out more at Le Musee Virtuel de l’Absinthe.

I’m always so excited when businesses go with amazing typography, design and techniques for their branding. Brooklyn bar Franklin Park has its signage stenciled on a wall in “the yard”. I love it.

Similarly, new wedding ideas also make me happy! My sister is getting married later this year so I’ve got an eye out for great ideas for simple table decoration. Photo by Oh Happy Day.

A Beautiful Life

Happy anniversary!

19 April, 2009

The Wedding

A year ago Nick and I got married at Newstead Park! I love looking back at our wedding photos which were shot by Kate. Especially because she got moments like this one – after I stood in dog crap barefoot and Nick cleaned it off for me!

Anniversary mosaic!

Yes there were nicer moments too, but I think the funny moments really capture exactly what Nick and I are like!

Mt Tamborine holiday

A few days ago we went to the mountains to celebrate, kind of like what we did after the wedding except we went down the coast this time to Mt Tamborine. It was lovely, but I wasn’t anywhere near as impressed with our accommodation as I was last time. Highlights included: Curtis and Cedar Creek Falls and the glowworms at Cedar Creek Estate!

Photo by milkthebasic.

I am just in love with glowworms now – and if you go see them, do be sure not to take any white light into their habitat as it kills them! Just cover your torch (or camera display) with red cellophane ;) I couldn’t take any photos while I was in the cave at the estate, but their “traps” have snared my imagination, they are like the most beautiful jewellery!


A few moments from my wedding…

13 May, 2008

Wedding Mosaic

I went over to hang out with the fabulous Kate O’Brien today, to help her out on a shoot and to get me some wedding photos!

The conditions were incredibly trying on the day, it was almost about to storm and the winds were pretty much gale force, so by the end of the photos many of us were a bit grumpy!

If you’re interested in this kind of wedding shenanigan, click through to have a look at a few more photos. Continue Reading…


A little taste of our wedding!

25 April, 2008

Wedding Mosaic
I thought I’d post a little teaser of moments from our wedding on Saturday. It was an amazing day! We were all on the edge of our seats and hoping for the rain to hold out. Of course, it held out – but the wind was relentless in its quest to tear down all my carefully made pom poms and lanterns and make an absolute mockery of our hair styles.

The above photos were mostly taken by friends and relatives – but the big image was a teaser from my photographer Kate. It so happened that we were merrily having a game of imaginary croquet (well, the jack was imaginary!) and I stood square in some very real and not at all imaginary dog poo.

I promise to update straight away when I receive more pro shots!


The final countdown!

14 April, 2008

The inside cover of our guestbook

Yes I am the poorest blogger in the world, but I’m a little preoccupied :P
I drew this last night as the inside cover page for our wedding guestbook.

I hope people doodle and write their memories and wishes all over the pages!


Etsy Flavoured Post #2: Cufflinks

4 March, 2008

I’ve been on a bit of a mission to find cufflinks for the groom and his merry men for the wedding. I uncovered a motherlode of rad cufflinks for non-traditional grooms/men (or if your traditional groom wants to use his sleeve to rebel a little!) All prices are in USD.

Nerd Groom

Left to right: Pac Man Cufflinks by beaujangles, $48; Arcade Token Cufflinks by dmented, $35; Shadow Storm Trooper Helmet Cufflinks by Cufflinks, $27.99.

Steampunk Groom

Left to right: Steampunk Watch Cufflinks by Rivkasmom, $55; Vintage Typewriter Key Cufflinks by KeysAndMemories, $20; Steampunk Watch Parts Cufflinks by edmdesigns, $55.

Stylish Groom

Left to right: Snakeskin / Silver Cufflinks by depd, $60; Palm Wood Cufflinks by lotusjewelrystudio, $95; Brownie Cufflinks by ChicLinks, $75.

Graphic Groom

Left to right: Fleur de Lis Cufflinks by gurlygirl, $58; Bubbles of Love Cufflinks by deboradestefanis, $38; Awesome Porcelain Octopus Cufflinks by lusterbunny, $25.

Now I just have to decide… :(