Look how fancy I am!

Fancy Lady Magazine

I’ve said it before, I’m very lucky to know Kate O’Brien and even luckier that we can muck around in her studio. We ended up going for a 1980s portrait studio vibe replete with vaseline screen filter and bad perm. Then I applied my pens to create Fancy Lady magazine: Australia’s leading monthly periodical on fancy beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

I changed my Twitter user picture late last night, and since then I’ve had a gamut of reactions from “THAT’S AWESOME” to “that makes me vaguely uncomfortable”. For some reason, I have a tendency to relish in making people feel uncomfortable. Maybe Kate and I should do a whole series of really skeevy portraits, and actually compile a real Fancy Lady zine. haha!


  1. Oooh, do it do it please! I think making people vaguely uncomfortable is a way of knowing you’re making them rethink their assumptions!

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