Vintage Kotex ad

A vintage advertisement for Kotex pads. Please click for full text.

An illustration of a grey box that says “Kotex” in the lower right corner with a hand reaching for it. It sits amongst pink fabric with a purfume bottle and a string of pearls.

Kotex now comes in this soft grey package.

Selected by thousands of women as first choice of many designs – this new Kotex package reflects the quality you’ve learned to trust. For Kotex gives you the complete absorbency you need… the softens you’re so sure of. Kotex holds its shape, keeps its comfortable fit; so there is no roping, twisting or chafing.

Moreover, this is the only leading napkin with flat pressed ends to prevent revealing outlines. When you shop, look for the new Kotex package – soft grey, with a graceful K, symbol of highest quality.

More women choose Kotex than all other sanitary napkins.

(An inset illustration of three boxes with green, rose and blue labels as well as a belt.)

Your choice of three sizes. Regular – blue panel; Junior – green panel; Super – rose panel. And with Kotex you’ll want a new Kotex belt. They go together for perfect comfort.

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