Sides of the Lunette box

A collage of two photos of the sides of the Lunette box. Please click for text.

Side 1 says:

Model 2
This cup is our best seller, it’s for normal to heavy flow. Diametre 1.8 inches by 2 inches. Stem 0.8 inch. Volume 1.0 fl oz. For ladies who have given birth vaginally. Made from a firmer silicone than model 1.

Produced by Lune Group Ltd
Kopsamontie 138
35540 Juupajoki

Designed and made in Finland.

Second side says:

How do you use Lunette?

First you squeeze the soft silicone cup to make it flat.
Then you fold it in half. Now it’s small and really easy to insert.
The cup is naturally kept in place by your vaginal muscles and a seal formed by the vaginal walls.

You can wear your cup continuously for up to 12 hours, including overnight. After emptying, use soap (maybe even our wash) and rinse carefully with water, or… boil briefly in plenty of water, or use Lunette disinfecting wipes, and then… do everything nice you planned to do anyway.

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